Lujan Matus is offering a new online group Lo Ban Pai program starting February 11th

In the next online group program, Lujan will be teaching the Windlock System.

The Windlock system is a physical regimen that literally reshapes the body inside and out. It stimulates energy flow whilst awakening the chakras and internal organs through specific, targeted shock motions that bi-directionally activate the inguinal crease (known as the Qua) in combination with the shoulder nest.

This program provides the essential elements often neglected or concealed in most energy cultivation disciplines and expands upon dragon coiling techniques introduced in Opening the Tao.

One of the most magnetic and electric of the initiation forms, Windlock is dynamic within its application and develops fortitude and directness.

Windlock is extremely rejuvenating and fortifies immunity by cleansing the lymphatic system and reversing one’s biological clock. After practicing this athletic form for six months, your body will return to a youthful physique. The movements solicit rapid physical transformation and raise one’s optimism.

Windlock is the empath’s guide to power and enables the warrior to embody the essence of the Taoist way. Through these movements, joy and happiness will be in abundance by virtue of one’s youth returning. The contained energetic framework cultivated through Windlock will also support your internal resilience via the magnetism obtained through persistent practice.

This program is $895 and will involve five sessions of approximately three hours each time. Classes start on February 11th and will continue on alternate Saturdays at 12 pm, Mountain Standard Time (Arizona).

We have adjusted the scheduling of the movement programs so that they take place every other Saturday, providing more time for the integration of the movements in between sessions. This will also allow us to continue to host Online Spiritual Guidance classes on the other Saturdays so as to meet the diverse needs of our community.

The schedule for the Windlock System is as follows:

February 11th – 12pm-3pm MST
February 25th – 12pm-3pm MST
March 11th – 12pm-3pm MST
March 25th – 12pm-3pm MST
April 8th – 12pm-3pm MST

This program is also available in small group format for students who prefer more personalized training or are unable to attend the Saturday sessions. Please contact us for more information.

We are now accepting registrations for the group Online Lo Ban Pai Windlock System program commencing on February 11th, 2023.

Please register via the link below: