In dedication to those who follow my work, I appreciate that you find solace and empowerment within the books that I have written and welcome you with enthusiasm into this new edition.

Over the last two decades an uncalculated coherence has magically revealed itself, page by page, within every book. Essentially, the whole collection serves to illuminate many facets of the wisdom embedded within Lo Ban Pai, the encompassing practices and philosophy that I have dedicated my life to transmitting.

The Power of Emptiness is specifically designed to work in concert with Whisperings of the Dragon and Who Am I? to fortify and expand upon the principles embedded within the system that I teach.

Who Am I? describes the inner workings of my life as an empath, the profound quality of that state, and how every human being on this planet is in possession of this heartfelt potential, hindered only by the socially engineered conditioning we have all been subjected to.
Whisperings of the Dragon details the preliminary aspects of Being, Knowing, and Not Doing, how to attain inner silence, and the dangers of seeking validation. The intent behind these two editions is to enable anyone who is devoted to the transformation of their consciousness to break through the present-day edifice and arrive upon their true nature.

However self-evident these truths are to me, I became aware that there was a need for further clarification. I realized that many of my students were still struggling with life itself and needed guidance on how to navigate the complexities of perception. I believe this eighth publication will endow each one of you with the power to proceed with humble confidence.

Ushering my students into an unimpeded state of empathic communion is the purpose of this book. The basic philosophy of Lo Ban Pai is simplicity itself. To walk the path of life as your beautiful, loving self is all that matters.
Within this offering, I hope that you will encounter who you are, and define who you are truly meant to become. May that discovery reverberate within your life to touch upon all those you love with utmost tenderness.

I welcome you now into the Power of Emptiness.

Lujan Matus

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