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Testimonial – Lo Ban Pai Training

It has taken me some time to sit down to write words to an experience that cannot be understood. It’s been five years since I had seen Lujan. There was a lot to process and so I waited.

Lujan is a darling person. Seeing him is like noticing a flower that’s been there the whole time until you noticed that you’re seeing a flower and then it’s not there. To see Lujan is to not hold him to your judgment of your perceptions but to let him be as he requires, which occasionally ends in a big laugh.

The fullness of his authenticity rubs off you like butter. It’s very easy to be yourself and also to learn from yourself. I learned about forgiveness and strength by interacting with Lujan and I am so thankful.

To practice the movements of Whispering Palms is to take you places you cannot comprehend until you arrive. It is a hard notion to grasp, and so I let myself have little glimpses of it like a child curiously approaching the edge. I move to the edge and step back and continue this dance within the movements.

I enjoy the magic of brushing shoulders with the abyss. It opens a window in my perception where I witness more than what I previously expected. Look and it is not there, don’t look and it is still there.

Coming away from the Whispering Palms workshop I have a tangible practice that provides a platform for intangible things — inner strength, integrity, and protection. I am compressed into a new form.

I used to think that superpowers were impossible but I was incorrect. Superpowers are possible, and they are not super. Practicing the movements returns your own potency you have forgotten. You realize you have had power all along, you just didn’t have the tools to listen.


We are now accepting registrations for small group training in Sedona, AZ from July-December 2020.

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