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Testimonial – Lo Ban Pai Training

My prayer is to see what I am not able to see about myself. Separating from the idea that I have a fixed self. But more to recognize any energetic pattern operating that is not in harmony with the truth of my heart.

In that sense, there are so many things that go below our radar. So many things to awaken our sensitivity to. And there are many things that will remain a mystery, part of the Great Mystery.

In my humble understanding, I just don’t know how so many things work. I know that I trust Lujan, as I see the innocence that he cultivates – so innate to our human nature, and that meeting him delivered a lot of insight about my blind spots.

I know that I trust myself too. As much as I trust the integrity of human nature. And as much as I trust our innate goodness.

My prayer is too that we may remember how to be from this pureness of this innate goodness.
I feel I was waiting for this practice to arrive in my life for a long time. To have contact with these movements its a reminder to arrive to a sensitivity in my body and in my being.

They are a doorway, but as Lujan said:

“Your heart is the biggest facilitator of your experience.”

Thank you for your wisdom. Your dedication to living what you praise, to bringing this quality of energy to this world, to set an example to personal integrity and for sharing your generous heart and presence.

These teachings are precious jewels unfolding in time. This practice is an invitation to a new way of relating, a pearl in the thread of the timeless Dharma.

Thank you from my heart.

We are now accepting registrations for small group training in Sedona, AZ from July-December 2020.

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