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Testimonial – The Gravity Series

I started off with attempting to consume Lujan’s first book, The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception almost four years ago. I quickly found out that I was unable to comprehend the monumental fundamental teachings that were being shared. I stuck with it, only able to grasp a paragraph or a page on one day but also being completely pulled in on others.

I went on to listen to this book several times on Audible, however, it was not until my family and I were heading home from a quick getaway in Sedona that the truth of Lujan’s work touched my heart. I could instantly comprehend what was being shared while listening on my trip home and I knew that my heart beckoned to work with Lujan Matus.

I kept an eye on his events and training dates but was always unable to attend, until I received an email stating that Lujan is coming to Sedona to teach. My heart jumped and I knew that it was now time to start my journey and what an amazing path to walk.

My first thought of the workshop was seeing what a beautiful group of diverse people are here to attend. I was excited, nervous and a bit elated all at once. Once the Gravity Series began to unfold I knew without any doubt that this practice was going to change my life.

Lujan emits pure love and devotion through what he transmits. His unflappable connection with source is so deep that I, as a student, was able to borrow his connection while I was able to find my own. We would get enthralled in the depths of his answers before and after movements and his accessibility is unparalleled.

The practice will leave you full of joy and with an unmistakable connection to what I call the void. I can feel strength developing in the softest way and I can feel my empathetic antenna spreading its wings. I have heard gravity described as love, yet I have only experienced it through this practice.

My body calls for the Gravity Series daily and it has now become routine.

I am good with Lujan’s words “do your practice and live life”. A very deep bow to Lujan Matus, thank you!


We are now accepting registrations for Online Spiritual Guidance in February and March 2020, and Lo Ban Pai Training in Sedona, AZ from March-December 2020.

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