Video Description

Shadow Fist Fundamentals introduces the initiate to the foundation of the Shadow Fist Kung Fu system of Lo Ban Pai.

It is a dynamic set of movements that incorporate simultaneous attack and defense reflexive routines. This trains the physiological neural net to respond with speed and efficiency and correspondingly develops power and directness within the mood of the warrior.

Shadow Fist is a perfect art for male and female practitioners for building power, confidence and an enduring, stable solar plexus that protects one’s heart center. The techniques open the practitioner to enormous amounts of electromagnetic potential. It is a short, sharp and direct system of movement that fosters great fortitude and lightning-fast reflexes.

Shadow Fist routines can be trained every second day alternating with the Windlock System.

These movements increase one’s ability to absorb and manifest the yin energy that is produced by the earth and surrounds the practitioner as explosive power generated through the forearms and fists. This act in itself creates an everlasting communion with the planet.

They also foster health and promote longevity, supporting the practitioner to rise every morning with vigor and unrelenting positivity for the activities of the oncoming day.