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Testimonial – The Gravity Series

It is so difficult to convey any of this in words. And it is incredible that Lujan is able to use words to describe the indescribable.

But he does.

The magic of his internal alchemy begins with his writings. Each book sparked, for me, multiple experiences beyond the intellectual, moments and lasting feelings that frame a new spirituality.

Exponentially greater even than these powerful epiphanies is what happens in Lujan’s presence. After six years, I’ve finally witnessed and been transformed by it. The Gravity series has created a new beginning to the rest of my life. Lujan, speaking, split my awareness, a portion to keep the intellect focused, and the rest straight to the heart. During the sessions, I had the longest stretches of silenced internal dialog I’ve ever known.

I am motivated. I did not take lightly the commitment required to bare my soul. It can’t be otherwise. Lujan is a direct mirror of truth and integrity. If there is anything you cannot admit to yourself, or won’t, don’t waste anyone’s time by going. The Lo Ban Pai movement system will not benefit you unless you are clear.

But if you can accept that contract, you will be “given” time, the rest of your life, in fact, to know what to do, or more importantly, not do, to be of service, and without fear, even unto death.


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