This application for the 2019 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Kirk. This year the recipient will receive either attendance at the Gravity Series Workshop or participation in the Online Spiritual Guidance program. If you would like to offer your support for Kirk please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I feel my journey to this space of awareness started many many lifetimes ago as all of our journeys have. Lifetimes of learning and pain, patterns and lives felt and experienced from many different angles and perspectives. Living through subconscious patterns in default until the desire for freedom awakens and the veils of illusion begin to lift. We dip our toes in the water with hesitation and the true work begins. The work of the healer that must experience the healing themselves. The knowing that can only be known through experience and suffering and also healing and joy.

I have been blessed with individuals in my life who have lit up this path for me. Who have shown me the way. Some of them don’t realize the influence their presence has had at this time, and in this space where my consciousness resides. My heart fills with gratitude for the contribution to my expansiveness they have selflessly given me and I only hope that I can assist others as I have been assisted with the humility and grace I’ve been able to witness first hand.

My personal evolution started with trauma and pain as many individuals have. Suppression through alcohol, sex, perfectionism, spirituality, passions that become obsessions, that become patterns that spawn more patterns that eventually bring us to the dark night of the souls. Where we choose. We choose to dig deep, we choose to surrender, we choose to evolve or we choose to fall back into the patterns and re-suit in our armor that seemingly protected us. But little did we know the armor, the shell which we built around our hearts that we thought concealed us from the outside also prevented our souls essence, our potential to flow out.

When we choose the path of evolution we move from suffering to gratitude. We move from victim to empowered, from broken to healed. I look back on my journey through these lives, these experiences with understanding, not with ego. With a sense of faith. With a true knowing that we all have a purpose a path, but sometimes we need assistance from other souls to light the way. So many souls have helped light the way for me. But asking was the key.

As I ask now. I ask for this opportunity to deepen my experience as more veils begin to lift. To challenge myself to bring this consciousness I call self to its true potential, not for me alone but for the highest and greatest good of all those connected to me. So I can give what I’ve received. So I can contribute to the collective consciousness of us all and soften the sharp edges of the social constructs that helped to imprison myself and others around me. The opportunity to be the catalyst for someone else to recognize themselves for who they truly are.

I am naturally a seeker of truth and as I asked, Lujan’s books presented themselves to me. I am new to his teachings but drawn to them strongly. When I listen to them my body vibrates with the resonance of truth. The opportunity to learn from Lujan and to share space with him would be an amazing honor and experience. My personal journey of growth has brought me here to this point. I leave it in your hands and look forward to the opportunity to be in Lujan’s presence. To draw from his knowledge and experience, to connect more powerfully to grace, and root that grace through gravity with peace and awareness.

Thank you,

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