This application for the 2019 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Natalie. This year the recipient will receive either attendance at the Gravity Series Workshop or participation in the Online Spiritual Guidance program. If you would like to offer your support for Natalie please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I was fortunate to cross paths with Lujan in Bali in 2004. I remember registering for his Dragon’s Tears workshop not knowing anything about it. I saw his flyer pinned up in a cafe, and the dragon on it caught my eye. I’ve always worked closely and connected with the dragons and it felt as though a portal had opened when I saw the flyer and was calling me in.

I signed up for the workshop after having a vivid intuitive calling to do so. As I sat in the circle preparing to meet Lujan for the first time, a wave of deja-vu washed over me. I was sitting next to a participant who asked me if I had trained with Lujan before. I told him I hadn’t yet met Lujan and didn’t know anything about him. I asked the man what we would be doing in the workshop. He couldn’t believe I was there and knew nothing about Lujan or his work.

I told him when I have a strong instinct, I have learned to trust and follow it. The man said I must consider myself lucky as I have surely been called here. In the next moment, a dog walked by and locked eyes with me, while in this gaze his eyes turned from brown to a striking midnight blue, I heard a male voice whispering to me saying “welcome, we meet again.”

Tears began streaming down my face and a minute or two later Lujan walked into the courtyard.

He looked peculiar, though strikingly familiar to me. There was something about his round glasses and the eyes behind them that sparked a knowing within me. My journey working with Lujan had begun.

I trained with Lujan in Bali for some years after that first workshop. His presence made an incredible impact on me and my life’s journey. Every night I would train with him in my Dreamtime, traveling in the other worlds and learning to navigate my way through these realms.

While training with Lujan I felt incredibly strong and present in my core, my body was the fittest it’s ever been. The different practices I was trained in were deeply grounding and became second nature to me, while I opened doorways my perception and powers of vision grew immensely.

I traveled the world for seventeen years, living in the Himalayan mountains for seven of those years, journeying through Pakistan, China, Mongolia, the Istan’s, Tibet, and the Amazon in South America. I have trained and spent time with many shamans, though in all these years I have always felt called to return and train with Lujan.

In 2010 while living in Colombia I became pregnant with my daughter and soon after having her; my son came through. Since stepping into the initiation of motherhood all those years ago I have not seen or spoken very much with Lujan but have never lost the connection to the work, which I hold in high esteem and value deeply.

Indeed, the strength I learned how to cultivate and harness through Lujan’s work, has endowed me with the vital tools needed for my own growth and also to bring new life onto the planet and parent my children in a conscious and integrated way.

When I saw this scholarship application I felt a deep call to participate. I have always felt called to return and train with Lujan, but have been waiting until my children were older and require less from me. While sitting and feeling into what I wanted to write on my application, the one thing that came up so strongly for me was that when I trained with Lujan many years ago I was so strong in my masculine energy. Since then I have become a mother, and have enriched, built and refined my feminine energies.

I feel I have swung both ways on the pendulum, and are now integrating these two energies in powerful and deep ways. It was a vital part of my soul’s growth to bring both a son and a daughter into this life, and I have learned so much about the masculine and feminine essences by raising them.

I feel training with Lujan at this time will help me even further in my integration process of embodied oneness. I would love the opportunity to return to his teachings from a more whole and ripened place, and awaken to new levels within myself, in order to be more deeply in service to the world.

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