This application for the 2019 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Zsolt. This year the recipient will receive either attendance at the Gravity Series Workshop or participation in the Online Spiritual Guidance program. If you would like to offer your support for Zsolt. please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

The first time I came into contact with these teachings were about four years ago. If I remember correctly I ordered all four books at that time for study and collection. Prior to that, I had stumbled upon the website and a few videos on Youtube and realized the purity and directness of these teachings. The website is exceptionally good, and very easy to develop a clear connection with. So I knew I had to buy all the books. I was not mistaken.

As for what I have learned through these teachings, it is not easily described, as I believe these things happen beyond what words can describe. As far as I can tell, every time I looked at the cover of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception book, I felt a very deep connection, almost like looking at myself. It is like getting in a state where I know it is me teaching myself, through Lujan, who is an exceptionally clear channel, as far as my experience suggests.

Out of the books, The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception was the one most exciting, adventurous and mysterious for me and the Whisperings of the Dragon most practically helpful. I did not know prior, that spiritual teaching could be so practically presented. The book in itself could almost be used as a tool, which we know is very rare when it comes to spiritual teachings. It certainly helped me several times in difficult situations.

I could say that if I had to list three of the best or favorite books I have read in my life, two of them would be out of those written by Lujan Matus. And I could also say that if there are five most important persons in my life, he would probably be one of them.

A little more than three years ago, I got a very peculiar disease. It is peculiar in that it could not be diagnosed by the physical tests of western medicine. So I am not ill as far as western medicine is concerned. Only the symptoms, which could be described as chronic, accompanied me since then. I did not go through all the hi-tech western procedures as I preferred more natural modalities.

So I sought out many natural remedies (even Ayahuasca), miracle panaceas and also, some of the best seers, and healers that I knew at the time and what I got were answers like it is not a physical problem and that it is fear manifesting as physical symptoms. Which does not leave me with too much practical remedies except meditation. I believe interaction with Lujan Matus in any way would provide clarity and quite possibly an opportunity to realization.

As for Lo Ban Pai, I think it is highly suitable to my energetic configuration. I have been deeply interested in cultivation for many years, although could not find a suitable path yet. And also before I dedicated my life to music, I was highly interested in martial arts. Reading through the programs summary makes me feel very excited, relaxed and connected in many ways. Since I have no income presently, as I am at the beginning stages of my life, the scholarship could be a possibility at this point.

I am on a healing journey at this very moment in Colombia, so greetings to you and thank you all for reading these words.

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