This application for the 2019 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Zachariah. This year the recipient will receive either attendance at the Gravity Series Workshop or participation in the Online Spiritual Guidance program. If you would like to offer your support for Zachariah please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I’ve been a seeker of spiritual truths and wisdom my whole life, almost to a degree of obsession. The mystery of “why” began for me at a very young age, the paradoxical nature of reality and the questions that arose from this drove me to a lifelong quest of exploring the spiritual practices and teachings of many, many cultures.

I’ve experienced a profound shift recently – there is no longer a seeker. Something transformed while working with Lujan and the seeking has transformed into a deep state of relaxation.

Every moment has space to sing, to breathe, to dance. There exists a sublime thread of beauty and rapture weaving throughout everything, manifesting as grace. I even find this grace existing through moments of adversity.

There is a deep strength that is being cultivated around the non-reactionary way of being through the retriangulation meditation techniques. I am able to reflect the feeling without adding anything to it, to truly be of service to the moment.

A friend attuned me to Lujan’s work a little over a year ago. I was immediately drawn by the clarity and authenticity of the work and the simultaneous depth and simplicity of the teachings. I listened to all of his books multiple times. They tuned reality as I did, offering all the right lessons and advice to navigate through some of the deepest challenges that I had ever faced. I felt a strong gravity to working with Lujan and was ecstatic the moment I saw his online course being offered.

Within the relatively short span of five weeks, something big shifted. I feel this something is what humanity is evolving into – the true intuitive empathic being on a scale that this Earth has never experienced. Those who have been feeling the call and the humility to grow are stepping into the unknown with a childlike innocence and experiencing the rapture that exists from intuitive empathic being.

The techniques taught by Lujan anchor this way of being. Through this work, we are becoming beacons of the radiance and joy that exists from this place of being and giving the world and humanity permission to step fully into the heart.

There is a grace with the way Lujan teaches – the stories, the weaving of joy and beauty, the childlike abandon and laughter that erupts, the techniques: they all culminated into something truly unique and profoundly effective. I finally saw myself not getting pulled into the same old stories, not taking anything personally, seeing all the feelings arise without attachment, without reaction.

As my stories dissolved, I began to feel those ones around me, the nature of becoming nobody started to become clear. Something that I had dreamed of and had been working towards my whole life began to manifest as a reality. Something clicked, the quantum leap to the next octave of being.

It is my dream to assist with our collective growth into heart-centered being, something I practice on a daily basis and support in all those whom I come in contact. The self-regulation and retriangulation techniques and meditations have been one of the most profound experiences of my life.

I truly feel that it is best if we simply flow and dance with what arises, and it’s best if we do so while laughing! Removing the reaction and the story from the equation brings us to the present. I can feel the profound depth and power inherent in Lo Ban Pai in its ability to cultivate the luminous body and strengthen this way of being.

My work is focused on creating technologies and games to reach many and bridge profound spiritual techniques and teachings in a fun and accessible way. I know the depth of the importance of being clear and self-regulating in order to create things which affect many.

What we create is a reflection of who we are – the world I wish to live in is one of intuitive, empathic, heart-centered beings. I am fully committed to the heart path and it is my dream to meet Lujan in person and to be able to deepen this practice through learning the Gravity Series and Lo Ban Pai.

With Gratitude,

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