This application for the 2019 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Randy. This year the recipient will receive either attendance at the Gravity Series Workshop or participation in the Online Spiritual Guidance program. If you would like to offer your support for Randy please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Hello from the Cascade/Sierra Nevada Range in Northern California! My name is Randy, Thank you for reading my letter.

What I have learned from Lujan’s generous teachings have become as a luminous guide and catalyst to remember how my past has shaped this presence.

My memories as a young boy, growing up in the green mountains of Vermont to a very young single mother and in the arms of the forests as she is always guardian. Living from my heart truly at those tender years I remember the feelings and the questions that I had in response to imbalances I felt in the world. My youthful clarity in the disfigured reality at hand, held my eyes fixed on this haunting disconnection. Innocence soon to be repeatedly faded by my own naivety and clutching my fatherless victimhood, many questions revealed in due response to maturity.

Gazing into the night sky evokes an unspoken response from deep inside that only leaves me to listen to that which I cannot hear, look and see that which before I had forgotten to see. These have been paramount teachings, a catalyst in shedding the emotional onion skins of this repetitive emotional maze.

Lujan’s teachings generously offer tools assisting me in recognizing my blind spots and directly confronting the shadows influence, emotional social traps and the recycled corrupted script. Resuscitating ancient faculties stirred up from being introduced to the eight gates, directly lending my awareness to the sensitivity needed to reawaken my innate response to realm awareness, reconfiguring the sleeping reality I once subscribed to.

I have been beyond enchanted with these techniques, keys to finally see and let go of the predators disharmonic double talk. A shift of how I experience everything, promoting the skin to be shed and rise from the ashes of a dictated reality.

Lujan brings such clarity and truth in only a way that Lujan can. These teachings have impacted me in ways that are so specifically delivered, just as Lujan’s benefactors had seen this beautiful community of brothers and sisters now having the privilege to join him in such expansive times.

I would like to undertake tuition in Lo Ban Pai with Lujan to learn an authentic daily physical discipline, introducing me to this temple that I will learn to recharge to not only get up and dust off but to be of clear empathic service to this diverse planet in need. To draw that electric/magnetic into the gifts I have come here to share. To share mentor/teacher that has already laid the grounds for trust and love. To ultimately return and continue learning this way of life with every sunrise and setting over and over always getting small nourishing blooms of clarity.

Undertaking scholarship is me showing up in a way that honors both Lujan and the apparent privilege to be in the presence of such a humble teacher I see as very important. Multi-dimensional mentor nourishing the galactic memory of this star journeys role.

What I hope to achieve from either five days in Sedona in the Gravity Series Workshop or the Online Spiritual Guidance is a deeper innerstanding of my capacity to be true to that harmonic resonance that is unique to me being whole. A catalyst spark behind the discipline of a circadian dance that with diligence bridges both sides of the brain, releasing external systemic influence.

The ability to respond to a profound opportunity recalibrating the honorable art of stalking parallel perceptions. Freeing my physical and spiritual awareness from the downward tumble of emotionally triggered confusion. Activating the superposition within, nourishing compassions gentle view in each and every relation. Ultimately immersing Lo Ban Pai into myself and myself into Lo Ban Pai.

Thank You for this nourishing opportunity to express the deeper focus of why this calls me to this degree.








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