Video Description

The Jaguar series focuses on advanced dragon coiling that integrates the lower cauldron, throat, and crown as one unit through the Fibonacci principle of spiraling. This, in turn, empowers the toroidal field of the heart to expand beyond its known limits.

A forward-thrusting, spiraling motion system containing compact, close-quarter gestures, Jaguar movements appear where you don’t expect due to their uncanny speed. It is the first of two foundation sets in the close-quarter combat skills of Lo Ban Pai.

Practicing the Jaguar Series opens energy channels that give rise to spontaneous realizations. This awareness is governed by formlessness, yet adapts into the form that is required based on the frequential exchange presented in one’s living circumstances.

In this program, the initiate will awaken to their ability to flow with what is required in each situation. The intricate and advanced receptive faculties of your neural network will be activated. This is truly the inherent magic of Lo Ban Pai.

Jaguar Series Full Description