Lujan speaks. I listen. I take notes.
There is so much to discern and internalize as he speaks.
Every word, every moment is a gift.

I have worked with Lujan several times now.
Public courses, private training, and most recently online guidance.
This is the first time I have written a recommendation.

Only because I find it hard to describe in words
The difference Lujan has made for me.
Words cannot describe, words cannot be understood.

Tough, loving, steady
Look at who you are
He is my mirror…for a number of years

Only the empath truly knows and understands.
Now I continue on my path to practice more of what has been shared.
One breath at a time.

I started our first session in a lost state.
Not entirely sure of where I was.
Now I feel more sure of where I am

Although I am not here
I see, I listen
Not what is outside but within


I feel more connected now
And yet disconnected at the same time
From the illusion that is and before me.

Guide, teacher, guru
More than this I would say
One who holds the potential for others

Without judgment
Learn to love and accept who you are.
Be grateful is the way

New Zealand

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