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This powerful set cultivates the three treasures of Jing, Chi and Shen,

and is the essential foundation for all further intermediate practices within Lo Ban Pai. The Three Treasures is a familiar concept in the Eastern energetic arts and although there are no exact translations for these terms they are generally interpreted as Essence, Energy and Spirit.

The essential goal of all Oriental healing arts is to cultivate, balance and expand the Three Treasures. Jing is transformed into Chi and then into Shen and in this process, we nourish the spirit.

The Three Treasures set, as taught by Lujan Matus, combines focused chi cultivation with advanced dragon coiling as its essential core. It is a multi-level practice, complete in itself, and is also designed to include two additional sets – the Jaguar and Small Mountain Series – that are added in as they are learned.

Dragon coiling acts as a catalyst to activate and open the dantiens to prepare them for the absorption of Jing, Chi, and Shen. They become stabilized through the creation of a symbiotic connection between one’s awareness and the voluminous potential of these three activated vortexes.

The Three Treasures set allows the practitioner to activate the dormant capacity of DNA to reawaken and heal the body from within. This opens vast new horizons to be explored.

While we practice the Three Treasures, a portion of our energetic structure phases out of this dimension momentarily. In doing so it accumulates information from other realities that is brought back as knowledge that is pertinent to the practitioner’s evolution. This insight can be utilized and realized if our essential three treasures are clear and open.

The Three Treasures are immensely useful for anyone, especially those interested in Primordial Shen Gong, which becomes available as an option upon completion of the Intermediate Series.

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