Testimonial – Three Treasures Workshop

Is this my heart? The anger is gone, and the self pity.

My body is vibrating softness, I’m feeling alive again.

This is amazing! The coiling movements are turning my mind off.


Perception is changing. The room looks different now somehow, sharper.

My hands are feeling the magnetism. Jaguar series, Small Mountain.

One is untangling me, one stabilizes. When I can let go, the body moves as of itself.

How can this be?

Feelings are emerging from inside, from the depths of me.

Pressure is building, pushing. Wants to rise up.

Something is stuck. Doubt, emotion, the mind is interfering.

Where is my heart?

Lujan said eyes open for external manifestation. Closed for internal healing.

Need to go inside, eyes closed. The magnetism spreads throughout the body.

It blends with the air like a bridge, the skin no longer a solid boundary. I feel whole

This is so strange.

The memory of something vague, forgotten. Something fleeting.

A faint scent of how I once was a long time ago. Remember!

Stay with the movements, don’t try to force it. Let go.

Trust it.

A jolt in my heart., a contraction again? No. This is something different altogether.

It’s pushing from inside my chest. Almost liquid, balanced and buoyant.

The antidote to hopelessness, a wellspring of goodness.

An energetic compass.

I do the final gateway movement. Breathe into the lower dantian.

Close the practice. The sensation of invincibility is strong, magnificent.

Don’t allow it to turn into arrogance again. More humility, kindness.

My heart of hearts.

I didn’t believe in it before, now I do. We can reach critical mass.

To wake up as a collective. To what’s been hidden from us.

We can do this together, on our own. Silently united.

If I can experience this, I believe we all can.

Thank you Lujan for sharing something truly useful and for shining so brightly. I wish everyone the chance to meet you and learn Lo Ban Pai. So we can learn to heal. And thank you to the beautiful group at the Three Treasures workshop for giving me the confidence to write this testimonial.

So many things happened during those days, it’s hard to know where to begin. The coiling movements, the warm-up routine, the standing meditation practice, strengthening exercises, and countless questions answered. I feel more joy, clarity, and discipline now. Still there is much to work on, but it’s like I have a sense of direction.

I deleted my first few testimonials, they didn’t feel right. One day it came by itself, bursting out of nowhere. My first poem. I hope you enjoyed it.


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