Due to the overwhelming amount of scholarship applications this year, the winner will now be announced on November 25th.

This application for the 2017 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Tyson.  If you would like to offer your support for Tyson please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

My name is Tyson.Today I am writing my application for the scholarship program.

I’d be lying if I said I read all the posts by other applicants. There seems to be more this year than I’ve ever seen in previous years.

Up until this moment, writing a post for the scholarship has not been in my mind. I read the last application and felt inspired.

During last night’s dreams, Lujan had made a trip into my dream space. Feelings of down-to-earthness, compassion and understanding has reminded me of the journey. In that dream I could sense the bodily excitement/nervousness within me as Lujan came to meet me (this being his second day visit in that one dream). So I lit some sage to calm me down, as I was shaking with nervousness/excitement.

I like to experience my own time and not rush myself into others time – which is what that nervousness was, my rushing. I needed the sage to relax and just breath and be in the moment of my heart beat. My own rhythms. A sacred space for Lujan to enter – unencumbered|

So, I open my hand in hopes of the pleasure of meeting this man and to hear his tales of power and inspiration. And to dispel any idea I think I have of this man I’ve never met, yet have seen in dreams on several occasions. Some dream visions have altered me in some way.

One such example has been a new layer of understanding and feeling being added to my self-taught energy movements. I swear they resemble dragon coiling. Similar to Lujan’s forms.

Watching his videos of his demonstration of a few forms, I feel his movements more than anything, and know what is implied in each of his elegant and graceful yet powerful movements.

A part of me right now is contemplating whether Lujan will find this appropriate or not (a good application or must be redone). A part of myself just will not be satisfied with anything I write.

But In this moment I am content and quite fulfilled with what I wrote as my application… Lets just hope its not ego that has filled me! Hahaha.

It has happened in the past where my ego runs rampant. Wanting others to see me in a certain light. But I feel less serious and more understanding about it – no more beating myself up for being a fool.

All the best to everyone!
Good Luck And Long Life!


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