This application for the 2017 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Patricia.  If you would like to offer your support for Patricia please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

During the process of writing a reaserch for a Post Graduation in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Brasil I dreamed with a spiral and an image of the Mobios string. In this dream I spoke with someone, that I didn’t know who it was, and this person had a voice that penetrated my heart saying that I should believe in what I was seeing, and that this was part of the process of experiencing the body.

What I was trying to announce in this work was in what I practice with the Toltec magical movements and knowledge; Tonal and nagual and the Tao yin and yang of the Chinese Medicine. The name was Subterranean conversations and the cosmological body. What happened was, while I was writing and researching, a voice appeared and spoke as an internal voice.

I asked who are you? And the voice said Lujan. We spoke a lot, I asked him many things, and after I continued writing and researching upon our conversation. Usually I think I’m creating this in my mind, but, it was so real!!

I hardly remember what we talked about, my memory of this is so little now, but in my body and soul it is big and so real. In some way he helped me with some keys and images and how I had to continue to trust in where I was going. I was a bit afraid of putting the Toltec and Tao, Chinese medicine together, but for me the different traditions where speaking together, not the same but are allies, with no secure frontiers. No boundaries, but old knowledge and traditions that work with energy.

I really feel that this is the path of my heart, and that with Lujan I will learn in this workshop to enhance and balance my energy. To understand things that I feel, that are not only in the part of studies, but in the face of living, flowing with energy. Remembering the humbleness of the warrior upon this magnificent thing that is life and where we live, our body our home, Earth our home and the parallel perceptions of many dimensions surrounding all.

The thing that calls me in writing for this submission is that we feel, we sense, we announce and sometimes don’t listen. I’m sure that my path here is to learn to believe in my body, my senses, that the universe is interconnected, that we are collective. All around me, my family, friends and places of work and study, I felt like a fish out of the bowl.

So I felt things and was afraid to listen to this intuition, usually my fear was because I had to detach from some situation or relationship that was taking my energy. Today I perceive that I am responsible about this, I was disposable, I didn’t know how to love my self and own my personal power. I perceive that I censure many situations in my life and loose so much energy and opportunity, because of this fear.

Looks like I’m swimming in a beautiful ocean, fluid, then suddenly the social gap say’s you can’t swim this way, you should move in another way. So I’m here to say that my intention is to be free, and thank for the opportunity of writing for this scholarship. This letter is already part of being with you Lujan. I feel you. Thank you so much for being part of my life.


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