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The first time I came in contact with the Toltec tradition was through the books of Carlos Castaneda which had a big impact to my life. A few years later I had the luck to meet him on seminars in L.A. Listening to his talks leads to a strange experience, a change in perception. One part of myself understood everything he was saying, while the other part of myself was wondering what he was talking about.

This experience leads to a kind of double perception with a gab in the middle, a door to the unknown. And during hours, weeks, years and decades I got insights through this gab, this door to the unknown. A kind of immediate knowledge not only about the words and books of Castaneda but also about other things in life.

Castaneda was asked if he has some telepathic connection with Don Juan and he answered that one day we are standing in front of infinity and we will have no time to turn around to ask our teacher what to do,  or to look into a holy book first. This means that we need to act out of our immediate knowledge in complete responsibility. There is no double ground or second chance when we jump into the abyss.

To that time I thought that the moment when we are in front of infinity might be the last moment in life, the moment we die. Later I understood that infinity surrounds us every moment in life and everything we are doing is done in front of infinity. This creates a pressure in me to move forward to freedom and impeccability. Even though I can smell the taste of freedom  and impeccability, there is a lot of hesitation, reluctance and avoidance in me, so I need to  go further.

I started to read the book The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception of Lujan Matus and to say the truth I didn’t understood it – maybe because of my poor English or lack of comprehension. I hope it was the first. Then I read Whisperings of the Dragon and it was very inspiring. I tried the exercises a little and I felt that my body transformed to a kind of antenna which helped me to connect to life with my whole body.

A few months ago I was thinking about participating in a seminar with Lujan and to that time I had a dream: I was in a kind of dojo practicing martial arts. It was a kind of sparring with a partner maybe it was even Lujan.  We blocked and punched alternately and astoundingly it was very easy to defend and block the punches of the opponent. It feels as my hands are attracted by the fists of the opponent in a kind of gravitation and through that I could defend myself with ease and nearly automatically just following the gravitation of the fists and arms of my partner.

Usually I think handling matter, working with matter leads to a decrease of energy, to exhaustion, but here I felt a big increase of energy with every contact to fists and arms or the sparring partner. As well I realized that this can only happen in an empty space with no interference of thoughts. The movements led to more emptiness and the emptiness supported the movement.  For me this seems to be a good way to relate to life. From a fixed perspective I will only see the reflection of my fixed self, but from an empty space one can look into infinity and relate to life in the best possible way.

When I look at the website of Lujan Matus I get a lot of inspiration of that kind. And I hope that one day I will be able to overcome hesitation and reluctance and will be able to jump into infinity.

Lutz Hoppe

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