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Dear Lujan, dear Companions,

The last few days I have gone back and forth trying to decide whether or not I should write this. In all honesty, I try to avoid this. In the end I realized, I would regret it, if I didn’t. So I keep training myself, to give something to myself, to get busy, do something creative and then, give away to others. Works every time.

The last time Lujan, you and I saw each other was at the Dragon’s Tears Workshop on Tenerife. It was a beautiful way a trip to end and to set new foot on the journey through life. It is safe to say that we brought joy and hope to one another’s lives.

My daughter said, I left a prickly pear and came back a benevolent mother. The heart was open. The mind was empty. I owe that to Lujan and to everyone who was there. Even now it is far beyond understanding, the measure of change and difference he makes happen in all the mysterious and magical ways.

So if I am about to hit the wall looking for a gate, he is there to show me the ropes on the other side. And if not, I got a first aid kit and tools to help myself.

And why should I continue to learn from him? The simplest thing is that I love him and I miss him. The more complicated thing is: “A person can form things in her/his thought, and, by impressing the thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing she/he thinks about to be created”, borrowing W. D. Wattles words of wisdom.

Imagine, to let your higher self be the thinking center consciously and deliberately and therefore, originate thought from the source, that means to cooperate with formless intelligence.

That needs a teacher, guidance and constant action.

Boy oh boy, does this one ever get left out?! One answer is to make your daily efforts so in alignment with your internal nature and the nature of the world that it seems the actualization of your goal is a natural, flowing extension of your being. You wake up, do what you do, go to sleep, repeat. Nothing special. Chop wood, carry water. And if you conduct yourself in Lujan’s way you will begin to create the life of your dreams with what seems magic to those who do not understand.

Much of a benefit will come non-directly, and it can easily seem that you were born lucky. You and I know that we were working early and late, mainly, because you and I were motivated by love, it didn’t seem like work at all.

I am very blessed that this man finds it worth his while to teach me-you-everyone, giving so many things away to others. A teacher who can inspire people with the faith and purpose of advancing life will always be “on the job”, for it is part of his own life and practice.


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