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I feel our journey home is paved with many little steps mixed with some giant leaps here and there. The moment I came upon Lujan’s teachings I entered a new world. It was like a constellation of little and big explosions of truth were shaking my beingness and changing the patterns of breath and my cellular structures.

A precious and sacred experience. A lot of the things I could only grasp organically as my mind did not have the capacity to follow.

As I signed up for the online shamanic guidance one phrase was ringing in my head – You can’t un-ring a bell. I felt it was going to be me before Lujan and me after Lujan if I am to be found. I wish it was that easy to disappear

The first session was very intense. He was like a giant warrior slashing relentlessly with his sword my worldly costume. During the session I felt the vibrations of his voice – very strong and other-worldly going through my entire body.

My whole being was focused on gently allowing what was said to enter by keeping my barriers down, by staying in my heart, by not allowing any thought to contemplate on his words. I felt I was in some kind of shock and I knew if I stay space what was intended will work and I will not manage to build another costume to replace the old. That day I slept for 3 hours in the afternoon.

As the sessions kept progressing I felt I was moving mountains through new experiences and awareness. What I felt was the biggest Release, Revelation for me was: First the self importance and the vanity and second something that was so deeply implanted in my life that I thought it’s the most magnificent important enlightened  thing one could have – the ability to see signs and use them to predict the future or read people, receive messages from deceased etc. etc. etc.

The realization that 99% of all that is part of the construct of this reality was huge. And Yes the magnitude of the Construct of this reality was foreign to me…

One early morning, the day after the 4th session, I went to the pool for a swim and I had an experience of perceiving that everything I could see and perceive was flickering, it was like I could see how it was being rendered real time. Almost like I could see between the frames. I looked at everything around me with that realization/vision until I reached my hands and my body and at that point my body started shaking with deep waves of primordial cry because what was left was the realization of: then Who am I?

From there everything fell apart and more waves were coming one after another. Yes, I can be trusted because I know who I am. Yes I can be humble because from that space of knowing that’s natural, like the water taking the lowest position. My perception of humbleness before that was being unconditionally kind and caring, but it was like a doing, a choice. From the space of knowing who I am being humble follows, being trusted follows…naturally. It’s just there.

My challenge is to get stronger at being that as the world around me engulfs me with the chatter and the tasks. To not resist, resent or attempt to separate from anything but rather to bring a natural sense of sacredness to every experience.

I still feel a little lost of the direction of my path within the construct yet I am peaceful because I feel safe on the path of heart – the more I trust and surrender to it the brighter the path will shine.

What’s next? Yay!

Thank you Lujan from the bottom of my heart for being so powerful, strong and relentless and yet so gentle, kind and delicate…for your beautiful teachings. Thank you!

In infinite Gratitude,

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