A year ago I spent two weeks with Lujan Matus in Cambodia. After a week of learning Awakening the Energy Body my plan for the second week was Windlock. But instead Lujan decided to teach me something different.

So I was very happy when I read later that year, that there was going to be a workshop with the Ling Kong Jing version of Windlock in Barcelona. I made my reservation very early but later found out that the workshop somehow changed to Opening the Tao. Even though I was in some way disappointed, Lujan emphasized from the beginning on, that Opening the Tao is the most important form and the Mother Fist of all Lo Ban Pai forms and also the basis of Windlock. Furthermore Lujan integrated parts of this form and of Awakening the Energy Body in the Opening of the Tao version of Barcelona.

Right from the beginning I could realize that this workshop will have tremendous influence on my practice of the Dragon’s Tears and Golden Lotus. Through the practice of Opening the Tao I learned a new gateway to get in contact with the subtle energies around me and find a connection to my hands and my dantien. After many weeks of feeling depleted after another detox I felt my power coming back from the first day on being able to make long walks and bike tours in the evenings of the workshop.

I also realized another thing : to survive in a healthy way in my speedy multitasking world I usually use the tool of reaching out for 80 percent of my goal in 20 percent of the time and mostly pass on the rest. The workshop showed me one more time that in Lo Ban Pai and other disciplines of Inner Kung Fu it takes to give passionately the full 100 percent. The first 80 percent are little more than a sequence of physical movements with little impact as long as the final dedication is missing.

My second benefit from the course was the confirmation that life does not give me what I want but what I need in this moment. My plans and expectations of a Windlock workshop were just irrelevant. It is essential to be flexible with the circumstances that come out and accept them. Even if it takes me a while to recognize what the unaccepted was good for.

My third benefit which I realize just a few hours after the end of the workshop is that a couple of days with Lujan recalibrate my life. Away from the daily hustle at home in my analyzing and intellectual world I could let go after a day or two and somehow tune in in an energetic frequency of open-heartedness. This is something very precious to take home with me to my lovely wife and the people I am around with. With the practice of Lo Ban Pai I hope to keep this loving energy vibrating as long as possible in my daily life.

My love not only goes to Lujan but also to Naomi for her precious work and Mizpah who handles the “backoffice” so quietly and effective.


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