Tonight’s full moon was a special one in the Tibetan calendar that marks a feast called Saka Dawa, which celebrates the birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana of Shakyamuni Buddha. It is a whole special month of blessings from May 26 to June 24, with tonight’s full moon being the climax. Tonight, after performing a special practice for Shakyamuni Buddha, I went outside. The air was thick with humidity and the sky was misty and cloudy, so the moon was seen through a haze, as through a gauze curtain.

Despite that, at about midnight, I began the moon-gazing practice, and while I was looking at the 12-3-6-9 positions, the sky began to clear. By the time I got to the end and dropped down from 12 to 6, the sky was almost clear, and, as the previous time, the moon did not dance zig-zaggedly up but slowly moved straight upward, leaving a shimmering trail of light behind, kind of like a comet. While it was rising, I noticed a star that had been near the moon, but now the moon was higher and the angle to the star was greater. I was blown away. Before starting, I had checked with a nearby tree where the moon was in the sky; now it was noticeably higher. I began to freak out. I wondered if only “my” reality had changed, or if anyone who looked at the moon before and after my practice would have noticed a similar change.

It rose so much that I wanted to see what would happen if I did it again. So I repeated the practice. This time the clouds seemed to melt away and I was left with a very bright moon in a clear sky. At the end, as I dropped from 12 to 6 and waited, again the moon slowly rose straight upward, and was again noticeably higher in the sky than when I started. Now, I did not practice so long for the moon’s position to change that dramatically—and actually from where it was in the sky, the moon had already begun its descent, astronomically speaking, so after a few minutes it should have been lower in the sky, not higher. So I can vouch for the fact that this practice is awesomely powerful. The amount of power I received was amazing—it felt like I was being bathed by regenerating light—almost like I was in the Goa’uld regeneration chamber of the Stargate series. . . . My whole being, physical, mental, and energetic, felt both energized and refreshed.

When finished, I practiced first the Golden Lotus, and it felt like I was doing it in another time/place. The energy around me was like a bubble that was self-contained. It felt safe and it felt expansive, as if the bubble were holding all of the Universes within it.

Then I practiced Dragon’s Tears, and when in one pose there is an “eagle wings” action, my whole body felt not so much like a winged dragon but more like a combination of a dragon and an eagle, like some sort of living and breathing enormous Queztalcoatl. I myself had become the feathered serpent! Nothing else existed. Just me. When I was finished, I closed and just stood there for a moment, and the feeling was as if the afterglow of the experience was slowly subsiding, or more accurately, the energies were being slowing absorbed into and integrated within my being.

Thank you for the gifts of Lo Pan Pai and the Ling Kong Jing versions of the practices. The methods you are teaching will save humankind; if enough people start doing them, we will change ourselves, and by so doing we will change the world.

With much love and humble gratitude,

Dear Stephen,

The moon-gazing technique from Awakening the Third Eye is a calling card. It awakens the beings that are watching us from the moon to the fact that we wish to make contact with them.

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