I recently had the opportunity to train Opening the Tao and Windlock. I have trained with Lujan in the past and, as always, I returned home with a deeper understanding of wellness, personal responsibility, and an enhanced awareness of energy cultivation. I was never sure what Internal Kung Fu was, and though we may all have at one time or another inadvertently fostered Internal Kung Fu, it may be almost impossible to understand it as such without a teacher’s guidance.

Lo Ban Pai is inherently focused upon the intent of communing with a self-aware universal energetic factor that Lujan has referred to as void power. There may be nothing as immediately revolutionary within one’s perception as the tangible feeling of being connected to and even guided by a personal yet vast energetic phenomenon that seems to be just on the periphery of one’s body and yet flowing within it, as well. One way to describe it is if you have ever seen any videos of Tai Chi masters and how they seem to be elegantly flowing with some unseen mysterious force. Lo Ban Pai opens this portal immediately thus allowing a true journey of discovery to begin for the practitioner within hours rather than after years of practice.

Complete Body Workout

From the start it is obvious this set is a complete body workout. Opening the Tao and Windlock increase the practitioners physical strength and stamina. An increase in energetic mass and bone density will also occur thus promoting health and longevity. The warm-up exercises get your blood pumping and muscles pumped along with increased flexibility due to the stretching routine. If you are already as fit as you want to be or are still trying to get there, this program will help you become what you are looking for. My experience is that you will be excited to get up and get going to enhance your overall wellness and in anticipation of further exploring the energy generating movements that Opening the Tao and Windlock create.

Connecting to the Lower Dantian

Lo Ban Pai immediately opens a connection to void power. A vibrant sensation of chi is obvious in your hands as if they are moving thru and/or with an energetic medium. The numerous rotational, elliptical and ankh orbits, and spiraling movements provide a framework where your awareness expands to include a direct effect on and a connection to your lower dantian. It became immediately apparent that this is the link to a mysterious force harnessed in close quarter combat training and also what enables the graceful flow and chi enhancement within ancient systems. After a couple days of training I experienced my lower dantian was tugging or “winding up” so to speak as it began moving just before the rest of my body, resulting in rare efficiency; a feeling of maximum power with minimal effort. This occurs organically without any preconceived ideas on the practitioners part.

Healing Potential

I must include the healing potential of Lo Ban Pai as this system has helped me recover from surgeries and repair old injuries that once seemed stubborn and limiting. The core grinding movements of Opening the Tao and Windlock fully prepare the body internally and externally and this serves to prevent injury as well as build strength. I arrived at Lujan’s this time feeling very ill as I had been experiencing progressively worsening symptoms of tendon pain and tightness, headaches, fatigue, nerve pain, and muscle pain accompanied by flu like symptoms of general body ache for over three years. Within four days of training and moving my chi in this “new” Ling Kong Jing version of the art of Lo Ban Pai that Lujan now teaches, I felt almost back to normal. By the second week I felt as though I was completely healed from what had been creeping upon me. Healing and regeneration were always part of ancient systems of internal energy cultivation and from my point of view Lo Ban Pai is a precious gem in this regard.

True Purpose

Internal Kung Fu is essentially very simple and yet shrouded in the mystery of the void itself as to just how it manifests as an internal power that furthers our evolution. Lujan explained how it begins: You make a gesture by moving your physical body (the external phenomenon) and with proper practice this creates an internal phenomenon manifestation, which is the activated connection to your lower dantian.

With the integration of this expanded awareness you feel as if your lower dantian beckons to be listened to thru feeling and suddenly you are there; totally present, listening and feeling, more complete than ever before. But this is not the pinnacle of the Internal Kung Fu of Lo Ban Pai. Lujan made it clear our true arrival is aligned with the purpose of Lo Ban Pai to foster true empathy. This means to communicate the heart of another without any preconceived idea or script, thus revealing truths pertinent to the other person on their behalf. One cannot know where they will arrive until they appear within the needs and service to another, which enhances the whole. To truly exist within this moment that is continually escaping us without thought, preconceived ideas, or expectations is our practice ground; enlivened, enlightened, and free like children again.

Practical Experience

The movements of Opening the Tao and Windlock create multiple vectors of force occurring within the body at the same time that, for lack of better words, feels like you are churning your lower dantian on many angles. It really works your core and feels like you are conditioning, empowering, and toning your body to be be prepared for anything on an internal and external level. I understand more fully now the practice of bringing energy in through the central channel, being firmly rooted to the ground and sealing energy in the lower cauldron. I sense a very potent feeling of potential explosive power within my lower dantian now. The softer focus of Windlock (from what I previously learned) upon the musculature and tendons provides a practice which is very powerful and energetically engaging that flows directly on from Opening the Tao.

Going to see Lujan always makes me feel more empowered, engaged, and committed in all aspects of my life. Whether you are experienced to Lujan’s system of Lo Ban Pai or are new to it, this course offers you an opportunity to connect with your body in unexpected ways and discover for yourself the true meaning of Internal Kung Fu.


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