For several years now, like many of us, I have been experiencing multidimensional aspects of life, and after originally learning the Golden Lotus series in November of 2015, many doors seemed to be gradually opening. And I thought I was doing pretty well. But then I went to visit the Nagual once again at the beginning of February, in order to learn the first half of the Dragon’s Tears series, and then I saw the folly of assuming anything about anything.

There were two other students studying with me: a guy from the UK who had been studying the Windlock System with Lujan, and another guy from Japan, Max, who had studied the Golden Lotus with Lujan together with the British guy about 6 months earlier. When Max came back home after learning the Golden Lotus, I was at first surprised to see that it was quite different from what I had learned a year earlier. When I asked Lujan if I should practice together with Max and adjust my series, he told me that what I had was tailored for me, so I should stick to my version. That made perfect sense to me, so I did, and I even started having experiences in sensing light beings and seeing a blue light around me.

Then I arrived for Lujan’s instruction. The three of us showed up on the first day, which began with Lujan asking us how things are going. I said that everything was fine, but I had a question. I always practice Xingyi and Bagua and even when practicing outside at night in winter, I find myself taking off layer after layer till I’m in a T-shirt because my body is generating such inner heat. I told him that I was not feeling such inner heat when practicing Golden Lotus and that my hands were most uncharacteristically cold. He filed that information away and then we began learning Dragon’s Tears.

But that night we received a message from Lujan saying that we would also work on the consolidation techniques of the advanced Golden Lotus the next day, which is the Ling Kong Jing version. We were surprised, but glad, especially since Max and I realized that we would be able to practice together sometimes. When we got to Lujan’s place the next day, he explained that because the British guy was learning certain techniques in the Windlock System, and because I was telling him about the lack of heat, he decided to revamp our version of the Golden Lotus and make it more dynamic. So we began that day by starting to learn the new version. In the first few minutes, my hands and entire body were feeling the familiar sensation of warmth generated by moving energy, and I felt like I was doing a whole different routine. It felt great, and opened up and dissolved a few blockages in my system.

Of course, we also learned Dragon’s Tears at the same time. If my ears were working properly, I think I heard Lujan say that he had never taught people two different systems in the same 5-day period, and he expressed wonder that we seemed to be remembering everything with not too many problems. (Of course, it helped that as soon as I got back each evening, I sat at my laptop and furiously typed down all we had learned during the day. The other guy from Japan and I, who were sharing lodging, also practiced a lot before dinner, after dinner, before bed, before breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, and even in our sleep!)

The week went by, and we had an amazing five days, and all three of us commented on the fact that while we are studying with Lujan, even though the clock measures the time as a mere three hours, it seems as if we are studying and learning for more like six hours. I do not mean that we were doubly tired—quite the contrary. I mean that we learned so much in our time there that we couldn’t imagine that we had only been there for three hours—there was no sense of rushing at all, and we felt most relaxed and at ease. I guess I am trying to say that while we were with the Nagual, time flowed at a pace that differed from its “normal” flow in everyday life in the 3-D world. It was like we were in a different dimension, or at least, a place with a different flow of time. . . .

I have been back in Japan now for a couple of weeks, and I have been trying to practice each new set at least three times each every day. Even though I still get a little confused here and there and look at my papers for confirmation, I think I now have the sets down. Now all I have to do is let them shut off my thoughts and just do them, or perhaps I mean just “be” them, since it feels like there is really nothing to “do.” And at the same time, there are many things that need to be done in terms of body position stance, the way the hands are held, etc., but that is becoming automatic as my very cells are beginning to remember the movements.

The best thing about the revamped Golden Lotus is that it brings me to a place that feels like I have walked through a veil and am on the other side in a different reality, a reality in which energy is more tangible and light has a different quality. My whole body feels different—it is like blood no longer pulsates throughout my body, but light does instead. The light seems to gradually melt away karmic, energetic, emotional, and physical obstructions as it flows. After practicing the set three times, I am told by my partner and the people I meet that it looks like I am glowing. The can’t see the light with their physical eyes, but some part of them is ‘seeing’ what they can’t see, and when that happens, it causes a reaction in me that enables me to understand that the practice itself is helping me to better ‘see’ what I can’t see.

And Dragon’s Tears goes even beyond that. Despite the fact that I have only learned the first half and thus have to stop halfway through the set, I can honestly say that Dragon’s Tears is a very different practice. Both are incredible, but Dragon’s Tears already seems to be changing my life on so many levels and in so many dimensions. Even with all the incredible energies I am being bombarded with daily—like the shift to the 5th Dimension, the rise in the frequency of Earth’s own vibration from the normal 7 MHz to 32 MHz, the energies of the new moon and solar eclipse yesterday, plus the thought forms of the almost 40 million people all around me as I work in Tokyo each day—I somehow am able to manage, for the most part, to keep myself untainted and unaffected. It feels as if Dragon’s Tears somehow puts a coat of armor around me that seems to ward off unnecessary or detrimental energies.

At the same time, it feels very different from Golden Lotus. Both are powerful; I love both; it is like one is vanilla ice cream and one is chocolate. Dragon’s Tears seems to flow in its own river of time and to create around the body a layer of Qi that feels extremely safe and comforting. Soon after beginning, everything starts looking blue, like I am looking through a blue mist that surrounds me. After finishing, I feel energetically cleansed and physically I have more energy to get me through the day and thus get more done in less time. I think I am safe in ‘assuming’ that it is also, as Lujan says, “enhancing perception, health, and longevity” as well.

The best thing that it does is to help me forget my social self so that I can begin to remember the authentic self that I truly am. As this is taking place, the set also activates all of the chakras and brings perception to new heights as all of the energetic channels in all of my bodies get purified and stimulated. It feels so good that I even started imagining myself doing the practice while lying in bed. Partway through I fall into another dimension, and often I have recollections of someone teaching me in the dream world. Usually it is Lujan, but once, for a fleeting moment, it felt like old Lo Ban himself. I was so shocked that I woke up!

Both Golden Lotus and Dragon’s Tears are unbelievably powerful practices, but they are also gentle and can be done by anyone. I strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to unplug from the Matrix and access their true reality and their true self. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that living multidimensionally is not only possible but fun! Becoming a butterfly is so much more fun than remaining a caterpillar!

With much gratitude to the Nagual,


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