Ling Kong Jing Version of the Windlock System

The Windlock system is an invigorating practice that balances energy channels and reshapes the body. It comprises a series of vigorous movements that are performed in static postures while simultaneously applying specific breathing techniques.

Energy and Body Consciousness

Development of the physical body can be a tool for supporting spiritual growth. Windlock activates the bioelectromagnetic field in specific ways preparing it as a vehicle to cultivate energy for awareness. At a fundamental level it enhances body consciousness.

Age Reversal

Windlock is extremely invigorating. It fortifies the immunity through cleansing the lymphatic system and as a consequence reverses one’s biological clock.

The system helps unite one’s inner core within a central energetic matrix that runs throughout the length of the body. It tightens and binds the muscles to the bones, to create a lean and muscular appearance.

Cultivation of an Energetic Framework

The Windlock system promotes the development of an abstract container around one’s physical form: a defined framework in space. This sets up internal reference points that alert the warrior to their internal power and develops the awareness necessary for the advanced practices of Shadow Fist Kung Fu.

Windlock movements give linear shocks to the limbs sending energy in spirals through the body, activating specific chakras. The practice also opens and clears the meridian system to create an unimpeded bio-electromagnetic flow of energy, while maintaining it within the integral perimeter, a sealed space.

Windlock opens the practitioner to access their personal power and embodies this sense physically. Through performing the movements, joy and happiness will be in abundance by virtue of enhancing well-being and internal resilience.

Martial Arts

The Windlock System supplies the fundamentals of Shadow Fist Kung Fu. These techniques establish the power necessary to be an effective martial artist, while staying as stable as an oak tree and flexible as bamboo.

However, it is not required to be a kung fu practitioner to succeed in this program. It is only necessary to apply oneself to the principles. In essence “kung fu” means to develop personal integrity through the act of devoting oneself to a practice unyieldingly over time.

Ling Kong Jing

In this workshop Lujan will be teaching the Ling Kong Jing version of the Windlock system.

Ling Kong Jing is an ancient method of obtaining contact with the omnipresent universal factor. When the practitioner becomes proficient, this accompanies them on their journey of life through obtaining the wisdom of the subtle elements that arrive within one’s consciousness through the application of the empty force upon one’s being.

All the other benefits of the system are still applicable. In addition this very powerful method increases the intangible elements of emptiness to be brought forward as magnetic waves that release the Ling Kong Jing energy as the most subtle intangible contact with anti-matter. It also involves all the maneuvers of the dantien including eight-rotational vortexes and eight cradling maneuvers that can be expressed to affect the magnetism within the empty force of the dantien.

The Pillars

In this course Lujan will teach about the fundamental application of the three internal pillars and the upper and lower girdles, so that the warrior can hold steady the magnetism within the upper torso. These pillars appear to be a physical manifestation of the structural integrity of the practitioner’s equilibrium. This can be understood by seeing the body as being held by tenuous threads that are like piano strings within, that if too tight or too loose, will have an effect. So it is important to understand the principles of this equanimity in conjunction with the primordial equalizer, which is a girdle that wraps around ming-men or the kidney belt.

The Essence of Ancient Shamanism

For those who wish to obtain power through the focus on Ling Kong Jing, Lujan would encourage everyone to instead emphasize the wisdom which can be obtained from emptiness and not to be obsessed with the physical manifestation of the empty force.