Testimonial – Golden Lotus Workshop

First I would like to say a humble thank you to Master Lujan Matus for his generosity and kindness. I am very grateful for being able to attend the Golden Lotus workshop; it has been a milestone experience with a powerful practice unfolding for me. Considering my circumstances it was a little miracle that I happened to be learning Lo Ban Pai with Lujan! Yet, being there felt like the most natural thing. The struggles I was facing were gone, and I felt the wonderful feeling of being Home.

I came to the workshop with a peeping intention to find a key to facing the current crisis and the crisis we experience on personal level. Yet, I was there with my usual mindset ingrained in the old paradigms. So there was I, with these limitations, asking my low frequency based questions around men and women, struggles and pains, regrets and standards. I had to bitterly smile when I heard Lujan saying on his last interview:

There is always going to be dualism whichever state you come from, really. Even if you are walking the path that {you’re whole in}, you’ll have the experience of other beings on different levels of perception, that identify themselves through various indications in terms of how you may respond to them. Dualism is a very interesting thing because without dualism you won’t see the difference between things.

It just felt like as if he was talking about me. During the retreat, he was addressing so many things I was keen and focused on. Sometimes I had a feeling he is addressing things I said in the past. It was intriguing. I know Lujan picks up on the consciousness of the group to discuss the issues. Well, that must be a challenge! Even though I was careful about what I was saying, on one occasion Lujan pointed out that with just one question I managed to cast a spell in the group while perpetuating my limiting beliefs based on social programming. Even more, referring to the path of heart as a concept of “high standards” missed the point.

Our times require shifting awareness from ego based 3D consciousness to higher dimensions consciousness. I am hesitant to use this esoteric jargon that can be an empty phrase but it seems to me the most accurate expression for what I have been feeling strongly about. Lujan on the last interview says that “lot of schools have procedures {of training our consciousness to adapting to the new awareness} but …. usually …the procedures are a dead end”.

I am immensely grateful for his wisdom and guidance on the path, for his patience with us; the workshops and interviews he gives, books he releases and the posts on his blog. It is such a joy and relief being around him; or now at least being able to listen to his voice or read his posts.

Spending currently a lot of time with children I see how children learn through movement. I also realise how much deficit of movement there is in modern life and how healing the movement can be. With this preceding appreciation I was keen to learn more about the Spiral Energetics. Although this still remains a mystery to me, from the start I felt drawn to these spiral movements. There was something very satisfying about this practice. One soon gets the buzzing feeling in hands, which was sometimes quite heavy. Although the awareness and satisfaction was much more intense when practiced with Lujan, I am very grateful for this home practice and connection.

I have been missing Lujan’s presence very much since my return from the retreat. Yet this feeling of unease is an impetus to reach out to other people and situations with loving kindness in practice that I so admire.

London, UK.

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