My latest skype session with the Nagual, was followed by several days that contained extended periods of my own beautiful presence and appreciation to my daily life.

Every sky was full with beautiful subtleties.

The autumn leaves were full of such intricate color variations

I enjoyed being at work with my close colleagues getting things done in efficient and very fun ways.

It is so freeing to have the disciplines of avoiding gossip, keeping 98% internal gaze, ‘walking through the corridor of inner silence’ to practice.

Each session, is an hour of the truth, an hour of uncommon sense.

It is always filled with warmth, and generosity.

Sometimes it’s filled with great humor.

Sometimes it is evident where impeccability is called for.

Sometimes it is conversational

Sometimes it is a rigorous waterfall of clean, clear, refreshing water…all i can do is hold my heart open and let it in.


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