I’d read Lujan’s books, and felt an overwhelming need to learn from him in person. I’ve been interested in shamanism for a long time, looking for a teacher- I’d attended a lot of workshops, but there was always something that felt out of kilter, out of integrity, hidden energy hooks trying to suck me into unhealthy dynamics.

We arrived after a long haul international flight, overnight; and settled in to recover for a couple of days. Already I was seeing ways I was behaving in my life where I was out of integrity and needed to change, before we even met Lujan.

I was nervous, waiting on the side of the road with my wife. It was a little after the time agreed, tuk tuk drivers waving us, calling out, pulling on our energy to get in their little motorbike drawn carriages. The air was dusty, with a faint reek of something rotten wafting by. Siem Reap, Cambodia, way out of my comfort zone in so many ways.

We’d been asked to be bang on time, and it was a few minutes past the hour. I was scanning, freaking out a bit, feeling exposed – when a tall man, all in black with dreads hanging down waved at me with a shining smile, and we scooted across the road.

“Come on,” he said, and was off, walking at a very fast pace, urging us to “Keep up, keep up, walk beside me, I don’t want to feel like the boss here!” I felt like I was being spun along by an irresistible force. Lujan waved to the guard, and we went into the lift, straight up, and into an oasis of peace, his home. We sat on the couch, and Lujan immediately confronted my tension and distrust of him.

I proceeded to run smack bang into my social self, head first, over and over again (with his gentle, obdurate, loving assistance) for what felt like forever. What an experience, to be confronted with yourself, so you can see, and change! A tender gift…

Lujan spoke with us for a time, as he did each day, sharing stories of his life, our conversation flowing with the moment, charged with power. I relaxed, enjoying this gentle man’s wicked sense of humour and piercing insight. Then we began to learn the movements. I had moments of freaking out, thinking I couldn’t do it. Lujan cheerfully continued to tell me that it was easy, and he knew I could do it. He refused to engage with my insecurities, and as a result they slowly melted away. The five days passed all too quickly, and yes, in the end I could do it all.

I could feel the connection with my hands, strong kinesthetic sensations, getting hot and sweaty, the room dimming noticeably as we worked with the Lo Ban Pai energy. I caught glimpses of flashes of blue light, and shifting shadows in the room. The atmosphere was magical.

I’ve noticed a strong increase in my subtle sensitivity, and I feel much stronger in my body, too. It changes and grows every time I practice. I am a different person. How, words can’t explain, but I feel it, and it feels good. My body simply loves this work.

Lujan is a living treasure, and any time spent with him is precious beyond words. If you want to grow into the journey of becoming all of who you can be and set yourself free, I encourage you to train with Lujan. He is a beautiful, gentle, wise, funny, joyful human being.

Dr Edward
BVSc (honsII)
The Healing Vet

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