In this interview Lujan Matus talks about our multi-dimensional nature and how it links to our humanity as a whole. He gives answers to questions that have never really been asked before.

Topics explored include:
    • Dreaming as a way of alternatively bringing this consciousness into our waking world as a true reality of heart-connectivity; first individually and then collectively.
    • Compassion and how to apply this very delicate factor as a most profound communion given to our circumstances as gestures.
    • How to achieve internal quietude admidst the chaos we are confronted with as a world community.
    • Communication with all beings on this planet and beyond and how to receive the messages given from nature through our heart resonance as one’s true voice.

Visual of the video begins at 13 seconds and the audio commences at 1 minute, 19 seconds.

10th Anniversary of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception available now in eBook.

Be aware that when the arrow leaves the bow it’s already struck your own heart before it brings the deer down.

Lujan Matus

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