Dear Lujan,

I have begun to read the second edition of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception with a joy similar to the one a child experiences when he is reunited with a loved one after a time of separation. It is such a gift you are offering to mankind that words fail to express the gratitude I humbly show in return.

Thank you kindly to yourself and Naomi for such a wonderful, life changing experience, as I feel this book to be much more than a simple book, much more than a manual, in fact. For me, it is an ever changing experience that morphs and transforms itself so completely every time I read it. With it, I change, too, as every page contains such powerful realizations that trigger a cascade of insights of my own which in their turn connect forgotten pieces of myself which got lost on the way.

Comparing this edition to the first one, which I have also read and re-read several times, I find it easier to comprehend, like you have somehow included (more of) the access keys to a powerful world of magic. The magic of finding our own power and integrity in an ocean of noise. It is fantastic how my mind stops at the first word I read yet iIget to understand your meaning by by-passing the mental processes that very often circumvent my true heart feelings.

The book came at the right moment for me, a moment when I needed the most to reconnect with and heal myself and the answers I get from the book speak directly to my heart and offer me the peace and clarity to see what needs to be seen, changed, accepted or let go.

The new chapters that you added are really powerful in terms of giving one the opportunity to better comprehend which may have escaped in first edition. I am referring to the third hieroglyph – The Completion Hieroglyph – which so far remained a puzzle to my mind but now I seem to grasp some meaning due to the example you so kindly offered. I could relate to the that particular example as I have found myself confronted by situations which, like two different worlds (orbs) colliding made me see how important it is to always remain in that place of love and silence yet observing what comes towards you, especially the shadow’s attempt to destabilize and provoke.

The chapter – Architectural Orbs – offered an explanation of how things work in “real” world, when I am faced with people, outside the comfort of my solitude. I believe this to be of real help since that is the real challenge one has to face. Staying in your heart at all times and living a life in integrity while facing different and various situations.

The two parables literally made me dizzy once I sank in their depth and started to feel rather than comprehend the complexities they express. They can be understood on so many levels and applied to so many situations it is impossible to describe. Your advice “…resolve to be clear and strong and intend never to be collared by your circumstances, whist viewing them impartially, just like death itself” was such a blow, indeed! Thank you for making it so visible to us.

I humbly, thank you, Lujan, for your gift!