I’ve just returned from another wonderful training experience with Lujan with two areas of learning; The Ling Kong Jing level of two practices and to my surprise, Primordial Shen Gong, which we started with, so my first testimonial covers this area.

I did not know primordial shen gong training was on the cards, nor what it entailed, so I was expecting a type of form like I learned before. However…

Primordial Shen Gong

Practices of this nature are translated into English as a ‘Sexual Cultivation Practice’. This is an odd choice since it has nothing to do with sex, though it does however have benefits for sex as a by-product. I learned the male version of this practice, which for obvious physiological reasons, differs from the female version.

Briefly, I understood the practice focuses on cultivating three areas: Jing energy, the ability to project energy beyond the physical body, and physical strength.

Jing Cultivation

Jing is one of the three energies cultivated in inner-alchemy, is native to the lower-dantian and is the primal essence or life force that we inherit from our parents. (more in Whisperings of the Dragon, p 147). After a few days of practice, the impact on my other practices was palpable. Students often describe their experience of how the energy feels, but for me what stands out is how it makes me feel; more here and solid, more grounded and powerful.

More than that, I began to experience instances in quiet moments outside practice where physical displacement seems to occur. Lujan told me this can happen in conjunction with Ling kong jing practice, but I thought it far in the future. It feels momentarily if I or the world around me moves, often significantly –when it did not. It is not scary or hectic, but it does answer the question about ‘is this practice doing anything?’

Strength and Power

I did not realize that physical strength has a direct correlation with the size of the penis nor expect this to be part of ‘Jing cultivation’, but there you go. The practice strengthens and enlarges the penis (length and girth) and in time and with dedicated daily practice promises extraordinary gains. There is even a way to calculate what to expect. None of your business, but in the interest of this testimonial, three weeks of practice has already begun to manifest encouraging changes. The practice also increases testosterone levels in a balanced way. These side-effects of the practice will benefit one’s sex-life especially as one gets older.

Lujan mentioned that the female practice strengthens and tightens the vaginal complex. For those who were wondering, the training does not require disrobing, physical touch or anything similar.

Potential Dangers

I now also understand why learning these practices are advised under qualified supervision. Improper practice can negatively –and in cases irreversibly impact the practitioner physically and energetically. Lujan explained this area clearly and meticulously, indicating how to calibrate training. I left with no fears in this regard. Of interest was what he called ‘The Wild-Horse’ energy, which develops without proper practice  When this is out of control not only does jing cultivation cease, but ‘psychological’ effects that can even lead one to negatively impact those around them manifest.

Ling Kong Jing

I deal with Ling Kong Jing in my next testimonial. Primordial Shen Gong also includes a component of ling kong jing practice that trains the ability to project energy beyond the body. The practice is called ‘casting’ in the male version.

Impact Of The Practice

It took less than 5 days to experience primordial shen gong adding a deeper and more tangible level to other practices. The combination of primordial shen gong and ling kong jing practice made it very clear to me what ‘higher level cultivation practices’ means. It also directly impacted my perceptual clarity and energy levels.


As before I recommend any of Lujan’s programs. Lujan’s guidance was superb. Questions were answered meticulously during daily feedback sessions and I feel confident of taking the practice forward. The prerequisites to do this program are Awakening the Energy Body, Windlock System and Golden Lotus. Those who qualify to learn Primordial Shen Gong are well advised to do so.

Thank you again Lujan for your effort, dedication and example.

South Africa

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