Hey Lujan,

A lot has changed in my life recently, even more for the better and I deeply feel I need to thank you. What has surfaced wasn’t what I wanted, expected or even believed would ever happen.

Everything that has changed for the better is what I feel I owe to listening to your suggestions. If I hadn’t applied what I learned from you, I really don’t believe I would have endured and if I had I feel my decisions would have been compromising and devastating.

I’m supporting my daughter although I rarely get to see her and didn’t actually create her and yet it is truly a privilege to help and love her.

I left my home so another man could live there and care for my wife at the time when she got pregnant because they were in love. I realize most people become vindictive in these situations yet we’ve both moved on to partners we truly love and communicate with because we were honest and strong.

My daughter is happy and their family is intact and functional. I’m so glad to see someone integral and compatible filling a position that wasn’t healthy or true for me to occupy. We all worked together respecting each other’s power and it was a truly heartfelt endeavor.

I have tears writing you this because I feel so alive and released after so long. Really I cry all the time now. Life has so much beauty to behold, sometimes we just have to remove ourselves from it, step back and appreciate.

Thank you for illuminating the strength in my heart to do what mattered when it was needed. It’s paying off now after I thought I’d lose it all. Little bear is stable, eating as raw and organic as possible loving fruit smoothies and deserts 🙂

I feel so much gratitude for you guys and finally understood why I saw you two that day years ago as a beautiful luminous rainbow heart threaded pair and cried.

Take care and thank you for your time.


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