Testimonial – Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Tibetan Dzogchen Center

For a long time I was looking for something that I couldn’t find in the martial arts schools or in any esoteric training available in the western world. In the martial arts schools that were available for me I couldn’t find a teacher without self-importance, even if they where doing their best to teach some great wisdom.

In other Esoteric trainings I missed the kind of direct experiences of power that were described in the books of Carlos Castaneda. Sometimes I thought all these were just other kinds of social doings.

There where many whisperings in my life which prompted me to participate in this workshop. And I’m glad that I had trust in these whisperings. I was looking forward to undertake this journey of power and I was not disappointed.

After practicing some segments of Dragon’s Tears we would sit down in a circle and everybody was allowed to ask questions if Lujan. Of course there popped up a ton of questions inside my head. I mean you don’t have the possibility to get answers from a real Nagual everyday.

I felt unsettled combined with a feeling that I have to take as much as I can from the workshop.
Suddenly I recognized that I was so much in business about thinking what questions I can ask to profit for myself, that I wasn’t even listening while Lujan and another student were talking. I decided to stop this chaos in my head and just tried to be silent and listen to my voiceless breath. Than a realization occurred.

I was remembering a sentence my girlfriend said to me. When I met her the first time I even thought she don´t like me because she wasn’t talking as much as I was. I wasn’t used to it because most of the other people I met were talking all the time about themselves.

I felt like I was a chattering fool when I was with her, even by virtue of the fact that most of the people say I am very quiet. When I told her she said: “I just like to listen”.

That was what I did then. I just listened and got a surprise. By silently listening to the other students and Lujan I got answers to all the questions I had which where necessary and I realized that most of the questions I wanted to ask I’m able to answer by myself.

I saw that it is not about me. It’s about all of us. I could see myself inside the others.
It felt like we where all one being. I gazed through the circle and what I saw was a group of brave warriors and a powerful loving Nagual. And they just all want the same as I want. Freedom.

I realized that everything around us is a teacher. It’s just about you being open to receive. By listening truly from my heart I got more answers than I ever expected. I would like to thank my girlfriend for this sentence and her loving being.

Some of the realizations I got during the workshop I still had before but more in terms of an idea. Without Lujan I didn’t have enough energy to observe this wisdom deeply inside my body.

Through practicing Dragon’s Tears and interacting with Lujan I realized that my primal self whispered to me all my life but I didn’t listen to it most of the time. I felt joy and sorrow in the same moment. I got chain reactions of realizations about my whole life.

What I also learned about myself is that knowledge about shamanism in theory is necessary but getting direct experiences of power, even if it is just for some moments, is more valuable than reading books about shamanism for many years.

The previous reading of Castaneda’s books opened a gateway of power, for me as for many others.
I think that’s what they where meant for. My mistake was that I created just another living construct by reading some others’ experience without listening to my own true self; not dissimilar to the Christians and what they did with the teachings of Jesus. I think I was not alone with this mistake.

Thank you Lujan for helping me to get in touch with my true self in a depth that I didn’t have before in this life. It is surprising how magical life can be if one has learned to wait.

I also would like to give thanks to the hosts and all participants for the strong group consciousness we created.

During this week I got so more answers on questions about myself and the world around me than I got before within years and the realizations don’t stop. This is just the beginning of recovering something deeply hidden.

It feels like I have found something I have been looking for a very long time. This truly was a journey of power.


Q: One night after the workshop I was sleeping in a hotel room when suddenly I woke up and shouted out loudly. I didn’t have a nightmare or something. I felt something wanting to get out of me, similar to the reaction when a hornet sits down on your shoulder.

This was not the first time I witnessed something similar while sleeping. I remember one time I woke up and had a strong feeling of vibration in the area of my ear and was afraid and felt watched. I don’t witness things like this very often.

Should I ignore this or are there any hints to deal with these situations?

A: Obviously be aware of everything but in a relaxed manner. There is nothing more you can do.

By being aware it will disappear via the fact that this input changes the quantum flux that you are immersed within when these phenomena occur.

How are your Dragon’s Tears?


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