Dear Lujan,

I have an urge to email you. I was practicing my magical passes and afterwards I implored the nagual lineage of Don Juan calling out to each nagual by name to encipher their nature into mine. I am a warrior of freedom on the front line in the heat of battle with officialdom and I need all the assistance and support I can muster.

Afterwards I was browsing on YouTube looking for inspiration when I came across the Cosmic Giggle. I watched the full film and Lujan I was drawn to your authentic energy which strongly resonated with my heart. Afterwards I followed the link to your Parallel Perception website and feasted upon the material shared.

That night I had a lucid vision of epic proportions which was more profound than anything I had ever encountered before, which included a tarot reading for me with 2 cards shown — 10 red diamonds on one card which a woman turned over. And a huge robust blackbird with 16 wings on the other. After the first card with the diamonds was turned the woman refused to continue, then a man appeared out of nowhere and turned the blackbird card over. He told me that I had the potential to be flying with 16 wings however I had only been flying on one wing for the past year. He intimated that it was a great feat that I have stayed airborne for one year only on one wing.

This is only a part of the dream but I cannot get it all out of my mind and at the least needed to share if nothing else just that portion with a dreamer. I have no real dreaming attention whatsoever so this dream has literally blown me away.

I then ordered your book – The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception – and the day before it came I had another dream that I was lecturing other people on social imprinting. The book arrived the next day and I read it over the weekend, the book was so powerful, it actually changed my perception of myself over that very weekend as if a light had gone on in my head. I have such clarity and I know this might sound crazy but the only explanation I can give is that I am now looking through the eyes of the ultimate observer, as if I just know what to do and when to do it.

My visual acuity is enhanced everything has changed and I just have to bless you Lujan for being the catalyst for bringing forth what I would have considered to be inconceivable. Sorry for the rant but I just had to share for my heart is bursting with joy and appreciation.
Massive Hug for you,

Lujan I reached the point where I felt I had read everything worth reading however since hitting upon your energetics I feel like the proverbial fortune hunter who has finally found his gold. Your first book enhanced me in an exponential fashion and I know there is much more to transpire in the following three installments.

I wrote the following which I wish to share with you —-

Standing firm no compromise,
The hero I now recognize,
A seasoned warrior has emerged,
Through loves fire has been purged,
I’m here to blaze a trail to freedom,
I volunteered for this reason,
Timelines cross and interbreed,
Forgotten memories are retrieved,
The 5D portals drawing near,
My pure intent is crystal clear,
The underworld it now awaits,
My boat ride through familiar gates,
A kiss from Isis smiles of knowing,
Tears of love are freely flowing,
I close my eyes and drift away,
From 3D life it’s time to stray,
Taking treasures for my soul,
Accomplishing my earthly role.

I now fully realize that I have to take my own experience as regards to what is real, even if that experience defies the ground rules of mans expectation.

In conclusion Lujan your book Stalking Parallel Perception has knitted together everything that I had formerly learned that was worthwhile and encapsulated it into an easily digestible downloadable package, for indeed it was downloaded into my human vehicle.

I thought I had come to an end of integrating the limitations of wordage however you have proved me wrong and so eloquently opened up my awareness to so much more. There are no limits and eventually the creation becomes the creator.

Bless you Lujan. Thank you so much for allowing me to share and express my experience with you.
From my Heart to Yours,
Your Brother Leo

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