Hi Lujan,

Dreaming and Walking May 20 2011, Sugrue discusses a walking technique you taught her and her dream. However, the post does not explain the walking technique. Could you elaborate and describe the technique and its application? I like to walk in the evenings.

On the Golden Lotus technique application, I practiced it during the last full moon. (I did it inside due to weather conditions in a windowless room. I hope this is ok. I faced south. Since the moon would be traveling along the elliptic path to the south. )

I did feel something more intense in my dreams. But nothing I could bring back to my first attention awareness. I do believe something powerful was at work helping me to complete the exercise. I was very tired and unsure if I was doing it right by being indoors.

I could not sleep between the 8, 10 and 12 sessions. I fell into a deep sleep after 12 not intending to wake up. But I was woken up at precisely 2am and 4am without the aid of am alarm clock. I completed the G.L. movements and went back to bed each time. I was surprised by being woken at just the right time.

So I feel the technique was working. But my awareness was unable to comprehend it in my waking world. Maybe as my internal dialog subsides I’ll be able to know more.

I listen to your playlist in the evenings and read over the books or blog. One other post was titled Shamanic Meditation March 1 2012. But it didn’t have anything written in it. I wanted to know if there was anything special to the meditation techniques you taught verses the Zen Buddhist techniques.


When I see you next I will teach you the walking technique. It is not possible to teach it via the written word. It would be more beneficial for you to practice your Golden Lotus.

When you are walking just focus on your hands. Softly claw them. There is a great reservoir of chi that emanates from the hips.

When you do this it is much more beneficial to do it in warm weather in the evening, between 7 and 10 at night.

You do have to embrace the moon with your physical presence when practicing the Golden Lotus and allow its light to shine upon your body. Every other day of the month you can do it inside, not being concerned about this.

Did you have visions or electrified jolts in your body in between your sessions?

Watch your world unbiasedly. Do not get involved with your internal dialog. Neither be positive or negative. See things the way they are and accept them without trying to bend them to your will.

This is the secret to obtaining abstract wisdom.

The tradition of Lo Ban Pai is very similar to Zen and Dzogchen Buddhism. Its roots are where Taoism emerged. It is unfettered and without dogma, yet it takes a particular abstract type of discipline to achieve detachment through its simplicity. Many of the hand movements that you find in Dzogchen mudras are in Dragon’s Tears – and more.

Detachment is never achieved through dogmatically adhering to principles that are upheld by one’s desire to progress. So one must be active without desiring and fulfilling one’s needs at the moment that they are realized without attachment.

Maybe the message of the empty post was – nothing reveals everything that one is attached to.

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