I have a question regarding the term ‘electric foods’. I’m not familiar with with this concept and I’m interested in how this can support my health, well-being and the development of my daily Lo Ban Pai practice.

I have been working towards a raw food diet for a few years now but as you know it is cold here in England and a bit of warmth in my belly is much needed at times. In the last 6 weeks I have migrated to 80% fruit, with some salads, herbs, nuts and seeds with the exception of some cooked root vegetables a few times a week.

I have cooked sweet potato in flax oil, salt, pepper, herbs and coconut oil, and also adapted it to butternut squash. Both of which are fantastic and delicious. While training with you recently and you had said this dish was ‘very electric’.

Love & Hugs

Hey John, I am glad you are going for sweet potatoes and butternut squash. You can also mix a little greens with it to give you a sense of variety in this transitional meal towards fruitarianism.

It is better than going down the pub and having fish and chips or bangers and mash! (as we laughed about when you were here training with me).

Sweet potato is well known in Japan for its nutritional value and it is a staple food of the Okinawans. It is very grounding and has a high angstrom value.

Angstrom units are a measure of electricity or vibration. The basic human wavelength is about 6500 angstroms. Foods that have wavelengths between 6500 and 10,000 angstroms, are regarded as the highest quality for human consumption for raising one’s vitality.

In the case of sweet potato the angstrom level increases when it is baked. Most vegetables have the highest angstrom readings when fresh from the garden, losing about a third of their potency by the time they reach stores, and another third when cooked. However tubers – which includes yams, sweet potatoes, and potatoes – are an exception and they usually increase their vibration by being baked or boiled.

Sweet potatoes are the best of these foods because they are alkalizing, even though they have been cooked. Yams are high angstrom and have a high alkalinity.

There is one thing you should be aware of with potatoes. When you bake them it is better to leave their jacket on. Red ones are the best. The jacket is alkaline and the potato without this is acid-forming. This is a good reason not to mash them.

Even though sweet potatoes are high angstrom – and as you know at the moment I am transitioning back to 100 percent raw vegan – I noticed that on the first week or so of consuming sweet potato once a day to slow down detox, I felt a lot of electricity in my body, which is the angstrom level. But after a few weeks of increasing fruit and decreasing the sweet potato I noticed that on the days that I consumed the sweet potato I got tired after eating because the vibration was not as high as raw fruit.

But I know in England it is very cold at the moment and snowing and you probably need a big hug from your sweet potato to keep you warm.

How is your practice of Dragon’s Tears going and your sensitivity to your environment because of this?

Hope you haven’t run into any Liverpool kisses lately? Hope everything is really well with you.

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