Dear Lujan!

In “Planetary shift toward our destiny” it is written :

“We are caretakers of this planet. By virtue of this the information that floods the north and south pole of our home, as it travels in its intergalactic cycle, is then absorbed via the toroidal field of the earth and becomes holographic in the terms of the water manifesting the next stage of our evolution as conscious beings. “

Could you tell more about this “water manifesting”?

I get a feeling it is something important there, that I do not understand.

In gratitude for all you are and teach.


Everything that exists within our conscious reality, whether we realize it or not, is affected by our movement through the cosmos. All sentient beings absorb sensory data within their central matrix. This information unfortunately is not readily available, even though the transformation is occurring.

As we engage in the world as social beings, the life force, which is the precious information to be communicated, is being overlooked.

Everything vibrates. Everything is attuned to its unique status within the reality that we all abide within. There is a synergistic cooperation taking place.

As human beings we are missing an essential key to realize that an underlying transformation is attempting to manifest, but what overlays this are limited human expectations, and this is stopping this from happening.

To illustrate one example that did occur in my life: I had gone to see a person I knew that was a naturopath to obtain a live blood analysis. I was experiencing fasciculation, which is flicking of the calf muscles, from training extensively and wanted to resolve it.

So I went to the naturopath and they took a little bit of my blood. As she put it between two pieces of glass and slid it beneath the microscope its image was revealed on the screen. When she went to look more closely through the microscope at my blood she got a really big shock because as she observed it, it ran like guinea pigs away from her eyes. I witnessed the same thing while I was watching the screen.

She said to me at this point confused, “I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life”.

I simply looked at the naturopath and said, “my blood doesn’t like you”, and left the room.

I’d gone to be of service to a person who was starting a business and from my innocence I wanted them to succeed. I had already known this person and what their aspirations were but it was clear at that point that I should not have gone there.

From this time onwards I followed my feelings and very rarely went against what my body told me. For now this has been over twenty years.

What I am conveying within this story is our potential as human beings is way beyond our comprehension. My blood cells acted as individual units that were collectively aligned and knew consciously where to be and where not to be and what to do and what not to do.

You see we are composed of around seventy percent water. The function of this magical and very misunderstood element is immense. Once intention is given in its true alignment, everything after that point falls into place.

This is not happening at the moment on our planet. Our false needs and desires are overriding our true wisdom. This must be intensely focused upon by each individual so that we can all find our way through this complex maze that we are socially immersed in at the moment.

There is a video below that was taken my the filmmaker that created the Cosmic Giggle. As we set up the space we put two candles behind me, one candle in front, and a frangipani flower leaning up against it. As I performed the coiling movements my whole physical being was immersed within this activity. When I relaxed my hands in between the coiling motions the frangipani spun slightly beneath them.

In actuality I didn’t even know it had happened until it was pointed out to me.

You see, when the frangipani grows upon the tree that it was plucked from, it slowly spirals as it grows in cooperation with the plant, and the golden equation, which is the information embedded within it, responded to my hands because they recognized the phi ratio being concentrated upon. Thus it moved in recognition toward me when I had stopped the movements at 23 seconds into the video.

Now, the water within the frangipani flower responded to the movements, which are the magnetic signals being sent by my hands. This was a symbiotic response.

So I would say to everybody that has an intention to be aware that there is an outcome, whether we are conscious of it or not. So what we adopt and believe within the small social frameworks may not be what is truly possible, and what is truly possible may not be realized by virtue of the fact that it manifests naturally as we go upon our path as human beings, as a consequence of living within our environment in a state of harmony.

The true difficulty for all of us is to realize what is beneficial and what is not. Why this is so hard to come upon is because when someone acts socially in discord they don’t realize what is happening. And when someone truly acts in accordance with the true ebbs and flows of nature they also don’t notice what they have done. Yet everything falls into place.

This is truly a quandary that must be unraveled by each individual’s heart, in terms of being dedicated in devotion to the circumstances that hold gently the flower that is in the center of their very being.

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