Hi, Lujan,

Can you say a little about the gold symbol now at the header of your website, to the left of Parallel Perception?




Hey Jerry,

The reason why I use Parallel Perception’s Hunab Ku is that it represents two eternally intertwining dragons. One is black and one is gold as you can see in the center. The black dragon is endlessly spiraling inwardly toward the interior. The gold one is eternally spiraling outwardly towards its exterior.

Contradictorily, they continually interchange this activity, inwardly and outwardly within motion, as the most profound shen gong that can ever exist.

This is shown by the Mayan Quetzalcoatl in terms of a dragon devouring its own tail, which is the representation of endless renewal.

You can’t see this symbol as a flattened two-dimensional image as appears on the website. You must conceive of it dimensionally.

The triangular parts that are empty and full represent the wings of a butterfly. Continual transformation within flight is the truest meaning of this. The teardrops and the antennae portray that there is emptiness within form and form within emptiness.

Over the centuries since it has been discovered in Mayan ruins  it has been misrepresented as a symbol of a Mayan god. Historically it was set in stone within a square. Here all the mathematical equations can be measured but remember this square is in actuality a cube. Here is where the measurements reveal their cosmic interplay on all levels of creation.

It is a central force that spins the Milky Way in a 26,000 year cycle that we traverse on this planet, spiraling within its wake. As we follow the sun at 500,000 miles an hour, we move trailing our sun within the mathematical equations that are the outcomes of the centralized force of that black hole at the center of our galaxy.

This symbol is also a representation of the flight of two butterflies intermingling as they dance in the air. This is also the origins of Lo Ban Pai – the dragon-gate system that I teach. Everyone has within their memory the image of two butterflies spiraling elegantly as they are pushed along by the breeze and the power of their wings.

At the face of the deep, the most profound, center of that black hole appears the face of an Oriental warrior, even though its origins are not Oriental in terms of our planetary association with Asia. It is the purest representation of the yin-yang symbol, endlessly within motion and deeply enhanced via that interchange.

When the students of Lo Ban Pai practice what they invoke, it is the manifestation of that center to appear riding upon within and without the universal chi that presses its magnetism upon the hand of the practitioner that signifies the sincerity of their union with that omnipresent factor.

This is the reason why the Hunab Ku is on the Parallel Perception site.

bagua-1024x1024The Chinese have also interpreted this with the traditional bagua and the 64 variations that are endlessly applied, micro- and macro-cosmically, within and without all interdimensional interplays. This has been described in Whisperings of the Dragon as the unknown factor – the dark matter – that is invoked by the phi ratio that is applied through the hand movements of Lo Ban Pai to create shen gongs that are the interdimensional portals where this dark matter enters and simultaneously recedes upon its arrival to its originless origin.

Also conceive of this: When we are traveling upon our planet, as we spin around this black hole, the light that we traverse is absorbed within our hand gestures as figure-eights and spiraling cones. We absorb as if the light was concentrated like fiber-optics focused upon the point of their arrival as information stored that then becomes absorbed within the human matrix as it receives its nourishment, like a flower absorbing the sunlight of the day and the starlight at night as frequencies that then sing as a reflection of our consciousness growing through that absorptive interchange that then upon its arrival returns to its origin no matter where we stand, whether it is here or elsewhere within any interdimensional interchange that we are interacting within.

We are all-encompassing, yet identified as the individual origin of self that disappears when it can’t be heard, nor seen, nor touched. It is the most profound experience that a seer can ever traverse. It is truly one hand clapping.

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