I enjoyed the workshop, from the very first challenging day – to the end of the fifth day – when all the movements have already been integrated into my body – and I moved in the same time with more than thirty people in the room.

Spirals and coilings, graceful and forceful at the same time – the movements have awakened something strong in myself. I felt like I was recovering something I have always been familiar with, since my childhood – the energy of spirals!

As a child, I was always drawing spirals, over and over again. And growing up – I completely forgot about them. Although their energy have been always with me – in many moments of my life.

Lujan helped me recover a part of myself – which I forgot a long time ago – the child fascinated with spirals!

Lujan’s energy was so gentle and strong, at the same time. It guided us step by step toward our forgotten inner child. He is like a child – himself – he played with us many times – and challenged the fixed ideas we all had regarding teacher/student relationships – as well as human to human relationships.

Lujan is a skillful guide toward self-discovery – in terms of energy totality. He and Mizpah make a great healing couple, together – Mizpah guided me toward changing my diet and cleaning my body in a powerful detox – and Lujan is the one that guided me toward recovering my original energy – behind the social mask, behind the personal importance, self-pity and all the other energy-consuming factors in my life.

Working with Lujan and Mizpah was a privilege – and all the interactions with them – short, but full of meaning (no bla – bla – involved! – just pure energy transfer – and pure intention, from heart to heart) – were significant in my path in the last two years.

Thank you, Lujan and Mizpah – thank you for being there as guides – for many of us – lost under veils of mist and illusions.

Thank you Lujan for being available for teaching us the power of our body. And the power of our energy. I am grateful and honored for meeting you personally – and I really appreciate all energy gifts send through you by the great Spirit of this world.

Looking forward to meeting you for the next step on the way!
The path is unfolding for all of us.