I would like to tell about the last four days of my life after I took the Transformational Healing and Meditation Skype program with Lujan.

In the last third evening session, Lujan guided me through the eight gates of internal silence, step by step. I was watching all that is going on inside me. It was very deep and intense meditation, simple but full of sensations.

After the session I was so energized, despite the late hour. I had to move. I was busy with doing the dishes when suddenly I saw the full picture to the micro cosmos around me. I was here and I was there. My physical eyes looked out but the eyes of inner silence continued to look inside.

I was in two levels simultaneously, like a normal person and like a web. Amazing picture. It is a level of satisfaction, order, everything is valuable, everything is welcome.

That night I slept only two hours and last night as well but I did not feel tired at all. Usually I wake up at 5 am and work 12 hours a day and at the end of the day I feel tired but not that day. Even after sleeping, I continued to be in two dimensions that was expanding and feeding process.

While I worked, my inner silence eyes turned out, from the inside to the outside and I understood that my microcosmic grid is not connected only into my body but going beyond and I am part of the universal grid – that I am the Universe and Universe is me. Level of love and appreciation, no rush, no judgment, everybody is precious and necessary.

The evening of the second day I fell out of the picture, I was cold, I was tired. I started to have negative thoughts and feelings and only one thing I could do in this case was to stay calm and just observe this negativity. I must admit honestly that this is not always be avoided.
It wasn’t a fighting process but just try to stay calm.

On the third day day I was waking with a good feeling. This negativity as a rubber band threw me back to understanding what and why it was happening. I had a state of joy and excitement, no worries, everything is great.

Now the fourth day. I’m in a neutral state, I am silence, bliss flowing through my veins, sparkling eyes behind my eyes, I am ready to go…

Thank you very much for everything.

Thank you Lujan for sharing your knowledge with us, Thank you Mizpah for your amazing care and thanks to everybody…. truly



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