Energy Tapping is very strenuous, very physical. It strengthens the whole body, especially the legs, which are very challenged, because of the daily practice. There is a close relationship of Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Tapping, but Iron Shirt is only one aspect of the diversity of Tapping and Tapping is using different methods.

I am experiencing an activation of energy raising in the vertical centre line of the body upwards out of the head and in curved lines in all directions down to the sexual center and the feet and from there on raising upward again by creating an electromagnetic field around the body.

The energetic centers of the body are fully charged and opened in this process, which resolves any emotional dis-balances and changes the consciousness. I experience a very silent and observational state of awareness which is sustained by the daily practice. The whole body feels very charged and vibrating. It feels like every single cell of the body starts to vibrate.

During the practice I feel how the body is absorbing energy through the the feet, the hands and the entire surface of the skin. During meditation techniques my state of consciousness is changing very quickly into a deep trance.

Usually I felt resistance and boredom. This made any meditation uncomfortable and ineffective.
This resistance is gone now and inner silence is accessible very easily.

When I am thinking now, I feel quite uncomfortable. I am rather beckoning. I am focusing and the answer comes without the usual process of mind chatter. Tapping is a real booster.

Dragon’s Tears are very beautiful and graceful movements which are changing my awareness immediately in a way, that I feel a deep trance and witness the movement of my body. It is unlike any other Chi Kung or Kung Fu practice I have ever studied in the past 7 years. It is fluid. I don’t mean it looks fluid. It is fluid. The form is formless and the hands are automatically manipulating electromagnetic energy by their own intelligence. Every day the practice is different, it looks similar, but feels very different.

I prefer to practice at night time in the darkness, because my trance is deeper and sometimes I can see a blue glow around my skin or flashlights between my hands.

I can not really tell what Dragon’s Tears is doing for me aside my feelings and perceptions during the practice. It is a redistribution of electromagnetic energy, but more than that. I would say it activates the seer within, but what I mean by that is indescribable for me.

The practice was a key to understand hidden secrets of chinese martial art, not because of the hidden martial applications in the movements, but because of a changed awareness, which makes accessible hidden truth and secrets in teachings, not even the teacher needs to know.

Dragon’s Tears awakens the intelligence of the body. This is inexplicable. Personal and impersonal. It is a key.
Dragon’s Tears is a mystery for me. Real magic.

Learning from Lujan is very joyful, pleasant and humorous. My awareness shifted permanently through his presence. It is 2 months ago now. Lujan is the most incredible being I ever met. He combines simplicity and magic.

The gazing techniques are very impressive, not only because of the telekinesis I witnessed. This guy doesn’t deter to control the wind! Unfortunately there were no stars left in between the frame of the window, which Lujan is using for his gazing techniques. I will try it on my own soon.

One night my awareness shifted enormously through a gazing technique combined with a meditation. I felt in between dreaming and waking. Light and shadow were intensive, cars appeared like monsters and everything was really alien, I wasn’t afraid, but very observing and detached. I was stoned through meditation.

Or like Lujan said:”Now you are fucked up, you will never be the same.” I can feel emptiness saturating my body ever-since.

This journey was the best decision of my life.

Richard, Germany