Dear Lujan,

May I ask you something?

At the workshop in Istanbul you mentioned : You all here had the experience as a teenager you were laying in bed and could not move – I was really astonished, my whole lifetime I met just one person who made this experiences and now I am sitting an a room with so many people, all knowing what you meant.

You also told us this could start to happen again and I forgot about it till last night. But the way it started was different. Usually I heard a heavy noise and I know I have to move, if I don’t than I am paralyzed. This time I was dreaming and an old gypsy lady sitting next to me turned into a shadow, fixing my, almost like squeezing something out of me. I could not move and I fought very hard to wake up and to be able to move again.

My question is: is it the goal to fight and to be able to move again. Or is it the goal to overcome the fear, be quiet and see what happens then.

Mostly I fear the presences of the other beings. I am sleeping under a crystal dome but anyway the dome could not be strong enough.

I hope my question is not too confusing. Maybe this is also something to share with others on Parallel Perception? Thank you for listening, Blessings, Brigitte


Tracing Back the Energy Body

It is not unusual for my students to undergo radical transformations in terms of experiencing sleep paralysis. The reason for this is that the luminous cocoon tracks back to its essential vitality that was there when we were youthful after learning shamanic movements.

As the energy of our body becomes familiar within this experience, the same phenomena that occurred from early childhood till teens begins to happen again.

Jinn: Inorganic Beings in Turkey

I am now in Turkey and because of this I will answer your question with one of my experiences.

I have a very powerful lucid dreaming attention but I choose not to traverse the second attention and if anybody wants to know why I will answer this question in a future blog post if anyone is interested.

While in Turkey I was awoken from a deep meditative state, where my second attention is stationed in silence. This was my first experience with the Jinn here. They are a subsection of shadow beings, or inorganic awareness.

Their ploys are to activate fear through violence. One grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and punched me with so much force I did not react. I watched as if I were a limp rag doll as this Jinn attempted to awaken my fear. I just relaxed and watched the whole scene.

As I persisted in stillness it was as if the Jinn couldn’t see me anymore. They continued for three days and on the third day stopped their interplay with me, realizing that I wasn’t there and it was futile.

From this point I could enter the dreams of the Turks nearby in houses and rooms and watch as the Jinn played out their machinations with their dreaming attention.

Should You Struggle?

So the complete answer to your question is: be docile, as still as stillness can be, and just watch. If you awaken from your dream paralyzed just watch. Attempt to overcome your fear of paralysis. And if you cannot overcome the fear of paralysis inform your partner that you are going to scream and they should shake you awake. Your screams will sound like they are muffled in your throat and can’t escape. They are like whimpers. This will be your partner’s cue to awaken you.

If you don’t have a partner then you are just going to have to awaken yourself and it may seem like it is taking hours even if it is only thirty seconds. Be strong, open your eyes and awaken yourself. Soon your eyes will gain the power and knowledge of that attention by gazing at the waking world.

Your journey is at hand.

Lujan Matus.

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