“You must be honest with the movements to beckon the energy to come to you; there is no perfect way of doing it but there is the right way of doing it. Search for the magnetism, the mystery, with humility and let it come to you. You will feel it like a force that you move through, like moving through honey. Every movement is a gesture to spirit.”

The Nagual Lujan’s words as I practise the movements mirror life as I live it.

For anyone who has yet to undertake learning with the Nagual Lujan, it is important that you know that it is not just a set of movements we learn, it is an awakening and reclaiming of our inner beauty and simplicity as human beings that his teaching brings.

He is an incredible teacher: loving, humble and powerfully strong in a way that confronts and shatters our dysfunctions. This releases our entrapment and so our energy becomes available to engage in our potential and reclaim our sovereignty as light beings.

The Golden Lotus Series open the energy centres and beckon the force of the infinite to make itself felt. My hands tingle with magnetism as they search and touch it. At one point my whole body feels it move inside of me.

The movements themselves are like songs of mudras designed to awaken the body to communicate with that energy we all feel is there and seek in so many (sometimes dysfunctional) ways. This magical tapestry of ancient communication brings the body back into a relationship that is so yearned for within the heart: to feel That Which Cannot Be Known and be with it.

Each set of movements align the dantiens (energy centres) to capture the magnetic energy and nurture the body’s energetic field. The eyes are drawn within, for when the connection to the infinite is tangibly felt, there is nothing left but to resolve all that hinders this magical state of being and is our true heritage.

For me, as I learned and practised the movements, events unfolded around me that confronted me deeply and at the same time helped me grow in awareness at an astonishing rate. I would practice the movements and later I would live a situation that brought fast resolution within me of something that had weighed me down.

As I move I beckon eternity and eternity answers to help me become aware of my path. This then opens a wealth of understanding and awareness, and such a loving feeling for the magic that surrounds us I well up with tears of gratitude just reliving it. I experienced episodes of clairvoyance and synchronicity constantly as well.

What a wonderful gift, Nagual. Thank you.

Much love,

New Zealand