I remember one of my first encounters with the Nagual Lujan where he removed a very scary violent thumping shadow from me.

As he walked in the room in a friend’s house I was at, I felt immediately uncomfortable, as I had never been in the presence of such deep silence and someone so present. He was dressed immaculately in all black and was wearing a black hat and seemed to flow with grace and ease as he walked.

After a short time we went outside and were talking with some other friends when I turned and realized Lujan was gazing right through me, as when my eyes met his I realized I was witnessing void for the first time.

I lost sequential continuity for a little while and was grappling with complete silence and trying to keep any imprints from surfacing.

Afterward we moved inside where I began to feel increasingly more uncomfortable. Soon after noticing my discomfort something very disturbing in my chest started bubbling to the surface, which I tried to hide by sitting down on a couch facing away from Lujan.

Immediately he picked up on it and stood beside me putting his hand gently on my left shoulder asking, “Are you ok?” I replied yeah sheepishly lying. “Are you sure?” he said.

From then on everything started blurring and my sense of time and immediate environment started shifting and blurring very similar as described in Carlos Castaneda’s books. My whole body trembled and my ears fluttered and at one stage I felt like I was the body of a friend who was witnessing this looking back at myself, and myself at the same time, experiencing two energy bodies at once a very strange energetic displacement?

I also remember hearing a heavy whirlwind sound shudder the glass door of the house we were in.
This was extra – ordinary as soon after the glass door shuddered I witnessed the brightest electric blue/purple luminous balls I’ve ever seen hovering above Lujan’s left shoulder and as he turned to face me I saw a magnificent gold net coming from him that covered the good part of the whole room with each magical strand hovering with life and energy.

Through this whole blur of being shook up of foreign energy I remember Lujan’s voice guiding me and me listening as if it was my only lifeline. I really felt death that night as I’ve never felt it before my own fear brought up the thought that I might die right then and there.

After experiencing this my eyes were watery and I felt light and also that I had just been through an extreme physical work out.

It really felt like I’d received an amazing exorcism and that I’d been truly delivered to my heart center for the first time. Afterwards an immense clarity came over me and I felt so intensely happy and in this state I had a vision of emerging from a deathly black lake to green grass with an amber lit sunset in the distance with light thin clouds floating.

Looking back though I must say the deepest energy and perceptual shifts have come from you and or deep energetic practices and meditation. My time with Lujan snapped a lot of holding patterns and broke my experimenting with any drugs leaving me completely sober ever since (almost coming up to a decade now). For this I’m forever grateful, as I believed Lujan saved my life.

Melbourne, Australia