Journey to see Nagual Lujan

I wandered up the hill from town , I had not met Lujan yet and was anxiously awaiting the visit the next day to start the dragons tears program and meet this man.

A motor cycle passed by me as I walked then another, and in a split second I heard a “hey” as it zipped past a man looked staring into me with shiny eyes, a fragment of time so small in passing on that blind bend , this man had time to recognise I was his coming student and the perceptual speed to engage and speak within that passing moment which literally was a split second . This was my first view of that perceptual speed to come.

The dragons tears was intensive yes , but I enjoyed myself and engaging in the practice was physically challenging , finding myself absorbed in Lujan’s presence and the liquid state of being with him and interacting in that dream like state that the tears produced in me.

Although at first having a noisy mind I became so silent at times he would speak and I would find myself so deep in the recesses of silence that I was unable to utter a word in response.
At times having slipped into silence I would find myself unable to recall where and what I had learnt during the movements.

In a dream one night whilst there, I was practicing the tears with Lujan and he was telling me that I could remember the movements having little memory recall and that my energy or my body could remember despite this.

In another night of visiting him , I had awoken around 2 am in the darkness, as I moved into the next room I could see him in a vision , it was not a passing vision but he was looking at me superimposed within the room for maybe 15 seconds.

He was smiling the way he does shining and I could feel his heartfelt intentions pushing towards me, I also felt the same smiling and watched him. Intensity flooded me within my chest spilling emotion from me,

I was actually waiting for him to wave or wink or something. I was filled with a mutual love and beauty at witnessing this, which just added to this whole experience.

This was just one instance of the magic and heartfelt beauty I experienced whilst on my visit amongst others. The feeling of beauty and shifting within my being so intense that I felt like weeping and happy all at the same time whilst in his presence is the memory that will stay with me.

The practices of Dragons Tears has continued to bring to the surface old patterns as they are said to, and I await our next encounter with optimism and excitement, looking forward to furthering this learning and unraveling. See you again soon.

Thank you Nagual for sharing these gifts. The words heart and beauty may appear here in multiples.

Brisbane, Australia