Once I found my way to the Parallel Perception web site, it took me a very short time to decide that I needed to see the Nagual and fast. I felt like it was a life and death situation for me. I checked the program schedule and felt that it was too far away and did not want to wait that long. I then received a communication that there was an opening in the nagual’s schedule at a much earlier time. I just knew that he felt my urgency and made himself available at an earlier date.

During the Dragon’s Tears program I was only able to learn half of the movements. After a personal issue came up he commented that I did not go there to learn Dragon’s Tears but to confront the issue.
I have been practicing Dragon’s Tears (half) for a month now. I have been observing myself from a detached point of view all this time.

There has been, very subtly, an insurgence of ethics/integrity in all of my actions without any conscious effort on my part. I have a different point of view. I like it. I just stopped my foolish, energy draining behaviors. On top of that I feel absolutely fantastic without any expectations. I realized how much pressure I was putting on myself through personal expectations.
Nagual Lujan has a “Gift of Power” for all. I think his gift of power to me will keep on working as I increase my ability to receive more.

Go get your gift of power and be an unbiased witness.

Rockwall, TX