Seeing Lujan again was like returning to see a very dear friend. Because besides being my teacher, that is what he is, a true friend. Always sincere, always helping by doing what is best and not born of personal motives.

The first day I arrived there was a lesson awaiting me. My own stalking was to be shown to me in its subtlest layer. Lujan initially mirrored my emotions to me, which I took to be his. Then in a most graceful maneuver, he pulled the rug from under my feet by showing me just how aware he was. And that his actions were being of service to me and that he in fact was not the emotional perspective he was exhibiting but what I saw from him was reflecting me back upon myself.

To know he had seen me in this way, seen how I was stalking him, was a relief for me to reveal to him. My transparency opened a new door for me with him. And made me respect enormously just how much he sees yet on the surface this is not revealed because it is not a matter of him proclaiming all the time just how much he knows, it’s a matter of his doing what is necessary in a circumstance to help another person, and this puts him in the realm of controlled folly. His actions are not based on self promotion in any way, they are always adapting in support of the being in front of him. One cannot pin point a system in Lujan because he simply has no system. And this is a beautiful thing, because it means he helps in proportion to what is needed, always.

Later that first day, after I had revealed my emotions through transparency and we had an open and honest chat that warmed my heart, he appeared like an elderly man, gentle and calm. I thought to myself “Lujan has changed since I last saw him.” But again I was left wondering at a later time, “was that simply a reflection of my own calm at that time?” because at other times during my visit, he was different again. At times he was like a youthful man, playful and not resembling the elderly presence I had observed the first day.

Lujan remarked to me on about the third day I was there “it’s strange how I’m always different yet the same.” And I thought about it too. Yes, he was different each time I saw him, but always the indescribable foundation of nothingness was there to be felt. Nothing stuck to him, no matter what he said or did, and the fact that he always was changing in terms of his presence, there was a consistency but such a consistency could not be understood, only felt as a feeling of abandon.

No matter what he said, I knew it was gone as fluidly as it had arrived. Sitting with him and having discussions, I felt the same within myself. Nothing I said was going to stick around and dig its heels into me, why should it?

Aside from all the events that transpired while I was there, my primary reason for going to Bali this time was to learn Dragon’s Tears. The movements are magical. When I practice them my body feels a kind of joy. It likes to move this way is the best I can describe it. And the air around me gets a thickness and I can feel substance in various areas as I move.

My body has a sense of being concentrated after I practice. There is a firmness to my walk and overall a feeling of strength that is not muscular, but is energetic. I would say it is a type of confidence, not of the mind but of the body.

The grace the movements impart carries over into the rest of my day. I move with fluidity and the hand gestures become subconsciously incorporated in my daily activities. Again the best I can describe this is to say my body wants to move this way, it likes these movements and this is separate from “thought”. And the movements are more than just enjoyable, among other things, they increase longevity via the redeployment of electromagnetic energy to the body.

I had a night of gazing with Lujan. He showed me many things about the world around me, how magical it is if we only know how to look at it. What stands out is how he kept instructing me to gaze at something different, to not get caught upon one object of interest. Consequently, I realized that the way I had been taught previously by all that raised me was to stare at an object of interest to make it adapt to one’s needs, to force compliance upon the world at large through a type of linear mentality that has at its core an insistence on getting “its way”. Instead Lujan was inviting me to wake up to the magic around me by forgoing this need to control things for an outcome and instead acquiescence which is where our real magic lies.

On many occasions he revealed what I had been thinking. We had a funny moment one day when I had used his bathroom and then the next day he said to me “by the way, thanks for complimenting me on how tidy my bathroom was.” And I just busted up laughing when he said this because I had in actuality not said anything verbally to him but the day earlier I had looked around as I was in their liking how everything was arranged.

I was trying to be careful where my eyes rested upon objects because I knew of his ability to see through another’s eyes. So when he revealed to me what I had been thinking I had to laugh, and partly because a simple thing such as using a friend’s bathroom takes on a whole new meaning around him.

There is so much more I have to say about this visit, so many things transpired. Since I cannot possibly reveal all the events without making a very long account here, I will summarize by saying that around Lujan the frequencies are purer and on a higher level of operation.

Amazing things happen and people behave in ways as to reveal lessons continuously while he is present, and at the same time, those people are given lessons if they are able to see what is being shown them. And it was all these lessons which I absorbed and became a part of my experience as much as learning Dragon’s Tears.

So what I am left with and what I wish to share about my experience is it’s not just about learning movements or being taught something specific, it’s about being altered in his presence, being opened to see more and more what is around. To get beyond the programming we all received and live the way we are meant to live, as seers, as magical beings in a magical world.

The danger is many people seek out magic, seek out techniques and ways and means. Lujan is not about all this. And being with him does not get one more of what they expect to get if they have such expectations. It is the opposite, when going to see him, one gets not all what they expected, they get what they truly need and what gives them the capacity to live in their authentic power.

Lujan, thank you for being the real deal, a true nagual. For being in your integrity, your absolute emptiness which is a gift opening the door for me to fully step into mine. I look forward to my next visit to see you, it can’t come soon enough. You are a true friend, a powerful teacher and I have never met anyone like you, and for this reason I realize I am fortunate to know you.

Love always,