After just a week of practicing Dragon’s Tears and five days of learning its martial applications with Lujan I have noticed changes in my perception and overall energy levels. I have become more centered and have already noticed that the rhythms of my life are becoming smoother.

When I arrived in Bali to learn the Dragon’s Tears I had many fears – that my body wasn’t up to it, that I was messing around in a world I had no place in, a fear of being seen for what I really was …etc.etc. and so on and so on. However within minutes of meeting Lujan my fears vanished. I was immediately empowered by him and after thirty minutes of speaking with him was entirely confident in my decision to come and was keenly anticipating learning the dragon’s tears. After this first encounter I was left feeling self assured and at ease.

The workshop itself consisted of three days – two hours in the morning and two in the afternoon and a two hour break in between. The atmosphere of the workshop was relaxed but very focused and we covered many things in a short period of time. If anybody was unsure about a movement, Lujan would patiently go through it with them and we only moved on if the whole group was happy. The movements themselves are relatively easy to learn, by the end of the second day the group had picked up all of them. I felt confident about practicing them on my own after the three days.

After the workshop for the next five days I trained privately with Lujan on the martial applications of the Dragon’s Tears. I had absolutely no background in the martial arts and was quite apprehensive, though Lujan assured me that it was a good thing as there was nothing to undo. I trained for a few hours on each of these five days and the things that Lujan was able to show me in this short time shocked me. I found myself performing movements at the end of a two hour session that seemed impossible at the beginning.

Lujan’s teaching style is totally aimed at the individual. If I was struggling with a movement he would stop me immediately and show me another movement so my body could catch its essence with the least possible effort. He knows how to show you things, all you have to do is relax and allow yourself to be shown.

The martial applications are very direct and bring a sense of power when performed. They are quite addictive. I practiced one particular movement for an hour by myself after learning it and was completely unaware of the passage of time.

Within a week I have had two dreaming experiences, on both occasions I have been confronted by menacing figures who I made disappear once I became aware I was dreaming by performing a movement from the Dragon’s Tears. I have only dreamt a handful of times before and it had been a month or so since my last experience.

I have also noticed that my perception has opened up while I have been here. I have become aware of fleeting images around me while walking at night and had the definite impression of a man’s face appear in front of me as I walked up the steps to my hotel room. This I talked to Lujan about and he thinks that I saw a spirit which is totally unfamiliar to me and he attributed this to the Dragon’s Tears opening my perception.

Through my brief time with Lujan I have been left with a real sense of empowerment and the conviction that anything he can do anyone can learn. He has definitely mastered what he teaches. He has no possessiveness towards his knowledge and I felt comfortable asking him about anything, the movements or otherwise.

I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone considering learning from him to not waste any time, you will not believe how quickly you can change if you open yourself to what he has to share, all you have to do is let go of your fear.

Auckland, New Zealand