Greetings all, this is a message to those whom seek inner truth. I undertook 12 sessions with Lujan Matus.

After reading his book I felt the need to clarify my findings, between his work, my personal findings and other works concerning Toltec knowledge.

Very shortly into our first session Lujan laughed in a way I didn’t know was possible. All my doubts were erased and I knew he was whom I had hoped he was. I was a very closed person during our sessions.

I unconsciously was keeping secrets about quite a few things; he was somehow able to detect these things which I was not even aware of myself. He gave me tasks during our sessions which I didn’t end up doing, and so he adapted to me quite rapidly and gave me task’s which seemed tailored to me.

Lujan brought quite a bit of insight into my life and he did it in such an open way so that the proposed information was left to evolve any which way my path would take me.

I would highly recommend taking his sessions to just about anyone. I can’t imagine Lujan not having a highly beneficial affect on those who are willing to open their minds and their hearts.

With love and wishes of purity,

Daniel IV